John Winton
Jim Minton
Rocky Turner..."Okay then, here I am at 49 and around 230 pounds of rompin' stompin' dynamite!
Jerry (Hoss) Peterson and his wife Jennifer. "I was onboard from Nov. of '88 - Jul '90.  Started as a 1st Div. SN, then struck out to 3rd Div.  Made the end of the 1988 Pac and did all of the 1990 Pac, EAOS was the day we got back to the states.  Had a great time on the Frez!
Kevin Gilmore
Major Mike Maughan
Speedy, Lake Mojave, May 2008
Bob Stephens and his wife, Chong.  "I reported onboard Fresno 4/78 as an ENFN. I left 12/82 as an EN1(S/W) being the 1st person onboard as to qualify for Enlisted Surface Warfare. I retired from the Navy 1/89 as an NCC(S/W). I worked for the state of Arizona as a workers' compensation investigator until 2005 when I retired from them. I am now completey retired (as I am tired of retiring). I live in Tucson, Az and go to Vegas almost weekly.
Stan (Mike/Stauch) Whitmarsh
Mike McGregor, aka Speedy, 2007
Howard Althiser, YN3 served aboard the USS Fresno from May 1972 to February 1974
Mike Braun, "I'm from Hastings, Minnesota and currently live in River Falls, Wisconsin.  I was aboard The Fresno from 1981 - 85.  I was in Deck Department and got out as a BM2"
Stan Whitmarsh
Kevin, August 2003
Jeffrey Holt, "I was aboard the Fresno for a little while before I got hurt unloading at seal beach. I was on her in 90-91...I was in the oil lab mainly.
David English, served on the Fresno from 1984 - 87 as an Engineman in A  Division
John, aka Sluggo
Robert Kyle
Michael Contos with wife Becky and son Alex.  "I was an electricians mate aboard the frez from December 86- December 90"
G.R. Stillwell...served on the Fresno from '71 to May '76
Dennis Reed..." I was on board the USS FRESNO from Jan. 1978 to Nov.4, 1981. I was a Seamen Apprentice in first deck division."
Jerry A. Romero, served on the Fresno from 1980-83 in Engineering

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