A drone awaits its voyage
Underway replenishment
John Winton in need of a hollywood
A few days after returning from our deployment I had my Eisentraut ready to ride
My rack and my interests
Ben Jordan, from Los Angeles
Stan Whitmarsh, from upstate New York
Kevin Gilmore...arriving
Stan Whitmarsh and John Winton
OSC Bud Brough and OS1 Jackie Howard
Me, November 1979 with one month remaining in my enlistment
Ready for launch
Waiting for one of the drones to launch
January 23, 1979, Okinawa and John Winton returns from emergency leave
It's good to have you back, John!
Anchored off the coast of Pohang, Korea, for operation Team Spirit, February 27th 1979
Pedro Garcia and John Winton
HTC Wilson
You had to have one of these!
My rack
Jim Twomey, from Alaska
USS Pegasus PHM1 blowing by us on our way into port
Amish sailor dress
Painting on a window at Tower Records in San Diego...there was an artist who used to paint the current popular album covers on the store's windows and I always thought it was pretty cool
On the pier in Ilo Ilo, Philippines, Jack Mcguire, John Winton, ?, Tony Medeiros, Stan Whitmarsh and Rudy Lechuga, January 30th 1979
Steve Cohan
Stan, Kevin, John, Jack and Mike
OS3 Pedro Garcia
HTC Wilson and his chief's initiation
Steve Wood
Jim Twomey
Steve Wood
Throwing my hat over the side as I passed under the Coronado Bridge pulling in from my last time at sea, May 18th, 1979
Panoramic view from our berthing at Mole Pier in San Diego, 1979
Swim call!
John Winton
Mike McGregor and Frank Avelar
It's not the amusement park but a helo ride helped break the monotony of being at sea, March 8th 1979
Frank Avelar, Mike Mcgregor and Tony Jiles
Sea and Anchor detail and John Winton upon our arrival from Westpac, April 11th 1979
QM2 Stan Whitmarsh
Ken Thomas, from Michigan with his Yamaha 650 Special
Kevin, dreaming
QM2 Stan Whitmarsh, Officer of the Deck
OS2 Kevin Gilmore, Officer of the Deck
Pedro Garcia
Sunny sky rainbow
The Fresno in port in Subic Bay, March 18th 1979,  ready to head for home the next day...next stop, Pearl Harbor
Aerial photo of the Fresno
Arriving Pearl Harbor on our way home, April '79
Troy Montgomery meets us at pier 10 upon our arrival from Westpac, April 11th 1979
USS Racine LST1191, at pier 10 in San Diego
Paint locker, Jim Twomey, Bud Delematter and I'm not sure of the other person's name
OI division
OSSN John W. Lind, from Minneapolis
OSSN John Lind
Bob Arvin and Stan Whitmarsh at the barracks we stayed in while the Fresno was in drydock in the summer of '79
Note on our bulletin board in OI berthing
Stan Whitmarsh models a perfect military haircut
Colnago Super
Panoramic view from our berthing at Mole Pier, San Diego, 1979
Cookout on the fantail
Helicopter ops
Looking forward
USS Fresno, LST1182 utility boat
USS Fresno, LST1182, arriving in Pearl Harbor, November 1979
It's good to be home!  April 11th 1979
What color grey would you like?
OS3 John Winton
Jim Twomey, aka Flash
A Colnago frame I bought the summer before leaving for home...I still use this frame on my indoor trainer
Colnago Super, I built this up during my last few months in San Diego

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