Early morning outside Sasebo, Japan, October '78
Mike, aka Speedy, Mcgregor
Sunset in Iwakuni, October '78
Guam harbor
Riding the liberty bus in Guam
OS3 Kevin Gilmore
Rescue helicopter bringing back shipmates Kent VanBalen and Hart after fear that they were lost in a diving accident but were found by search and rescue the following day, November 23rd, 1978
Mike Mcgregor and Jack Mcguire, aka Speedy and Muckly
Mark Martin
Another LST navigating the San Bernardino Strait
Olongapo City, Philippines, Magsaysay Dr
Sasebo, Japan
The bridge
Australian cruiser
I recall the face but not the name...please email me if you know
Orote Point, Guam
Eisentraut Limited, headset...I built this bike up during our deployment through Palo Alto Bicycles mail order
Kao Hsiung, Taiwan, December '78
USS Cayuga LST1186 in Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong, 1978
Olongapo City, Philippines, Magsaysay Dr
Arriving in Sasebo, Japan, October 2nd 1978 and some of the interesting geography
USS Fresno, LST1182
More guys I don't have names for...please email them to me if you know, circa 1978
Aquaman emerges from the sea on Guam, November '78
One of the sweetest frames I've owned, an Eisentraut Limited
Tinian, November '78
Taiwan, where we spent Christmas, 1978
Randy Bush, Mike Brockway, Terry Doolittle and Mark Heffernan
Hong Kong, January '79
Drawings on the status board in CIC by John Winton of Kevin, Speedy and Howie
Go-cart track at Subic Bay, Philippines
Marines on the beach in Numazu, Japan, October 5th 1978
The radarmen...Pete Alford, ENS Derrick Suehs, Mike Mcgregor, Eddie Mathis, John Winton and Jackie Howard
Link to streaming audio of Jack playing The Whale Song.
Cook...not sure of his name...email me if you know
Vince Clark is to the far right
Approaching rain storm
Kao Hsiung, Taiwan harbor, Christmas Eve 1978
View of Victoria Harbor (Hong Kong) from Mt. Victoria, December '78
Sunset over the ocean
Arriving in Incheon, Korea, January 19th, 1979
Docking in Incheon, Korea
Sunrise in Numazu, Japan
QM2 Troy Montgomery...would leave the ship for the civilian life upon our arrival in the Philippines on January 5th, 1979
Perfectly good speaker albeit a piece of crap
Deon Arrighi, Kevin Gilmore and Jim Jordan
BBQ at sea
Beautiful sky
Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong, December 1978
Hong Kong market
Hong Kong at night
Rudy Lechuga, Incheon, Korea, January 19th 1979 and 20 degrees
Port of Incheon, Korea
Incheon, Korea
Mt. Fuji from where we beached at Numazu, Japan
Rendered a real piece of crap by John Winton
A bunch of guys got these very cheap on westpac but they had to be thrown over the side when it was discovered they were infested with termites
Hong Kong, December 1978
Hong Kong, New Years, 1978-79
Bamboo scafolding on a building under construction in Hong Kong
Incheon, Korea and snow on the Fresno
Incheon, Korea, January 20th 1979

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