ET3 Tom Jaehnke
Tied up in Pearl Harbor, November 1976
The bike which started it all for me...a Peugeot I bought at the exchange for $155 April 30th, '77
Hanging out on the cliffs near Lajolla
QM2 Troy Montgomery
OS3 John Winton
John Winton, the morning we left San Diego for Westpac, August 31st 1978
Getting ready to cast off lines, August 31st, 1978
Party on the fantail
Enewetak Atoll, September 19th 1978...highest elevation on the atoll was 20 feet
Underway for Okinawa, September '78
USS Fresno, LST1182 starboard bridgewing
Looking aft from the signal bridge
Cyclocomputers replaced these many years ago
Gliding over Black's Beach
USS Fresno engine room where there was a recent fire
Opening cut into the floor of the well-deck for access to the engine room
OS3 Kevin Gilmore, August 31st 1978, ready for my last deployment
August 31st 1978, leaving San Diego for Westpac cruise
Leaving San Diego
Holy Helo, September 3rd 1978
Leaving Enewetak, September 20th, 1978
Arriving in Okinawa, September 30th, '78
Loaded with equipment
Sunrise with moon
ET1 Peppersack, ENS Derrick Suehs and OS1 Wally Corey
LTJG P. Smith and LTJG P.E. Desilets, April '77
Ferrying an F4 from San Francisco to San Diego, April '77
After the engine room fire
Plan of the Day, Sunday, September 3rd, 1978
Plan of the Day, page 2
Jack Mcguire, taking fixes on our arrival in Pearl Harbor, September 7th, 1978
Near the equator
Other ships in our formation as we steam away from Enewetak enroute to Okinawa
Tied up in Okinawa
San Diego on the radar, 7 miles out
Kevin Gilmore, in front of Alcatraz, April 1977
Anchored off the Silver Strand in San Diego conducting refresher training
Steve Butler, April '77
Me in front of an F4 we transported back from San Francisco to San Diego, April '77
Gary Ingles
Me (Kevin) tacking 3rd class on John Winton
QM1 Larry Becker taking fixes
USS Tripoli, LPH10 in formation with us
USS San Bernardino LST1110
In port, Okinawa
PN3 Michael Dugan
San Diego on the radar, 7 miles out
The buffer bathed in battle lantern light
Me again
Combat Information Center and the HICOM freqs
Starboard bridgewing, Abernathy,  Barrett and Numa Sanderson
At sea
Damn that hurts!!
QM1 Larry Becker and the XO, LCDR David W. Anderson
On our way to Okinawa, September '78
Underway replenishment
The buffer...a necessary series of photos!
One fine machine!
Tom Jaehnke
USS Fresno, LST1182, Combat Information Center
PN3 Steve Cohan
It's difficult to forget about the Navy when you're home on leave and something like this drifts by
San Diego, CA
Tied up in Hawaii, September 1978
Wai Kiki beach, September 1978
Kevin, on some beach on Oahu...I was to be stung by a jellyfish moments later...ouch!
Underway replenishment with the USS Mispillion AO-105

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