OS1 Wally Corey
Hong Kong, 1976
Hong Kong, time lapse photo, 1976
A beach on Tinian
Shipwreck on Tinian
Shipwreck on Tinian
Crossing the equator, Shellback initiation...the initiation begins with Polywogs on their knees and a visit to King Neptune's court to receive an oyster from the Royal Baby
Pollywogs on their knees getting an oyster from the Royal Baby
The garbage chute...don't lose your oyster while you're in here or you'll need to go back in and find another oyster or something similar to have in your mouth when you exit
The barber
Shellback initiation...the garbage chute
Our own little orange peel radar
Me...Kevin Gilmore...new kid in town, July 1976
Liberty boat in Hong Kong, 1976
Mt. Victoria, Hong Kong, 1976
Ivory carving in Hong Kong with a price of $300,000 US dollars in 1976
Liberty in Tinian
Docked in Tinian
Russian intelligence gathering ship which shadowed us for several miles
After following us for several miles the Russian intel ship hoisted some flags thanking us for our cooperation and reversed course
Future webmaster, representing OI division in the beauty contest
Shellback initiation, the coffin...when the lid is closed you must switch places with whoever else is in the coffin with you before the lid is reopened
Shellback initiation...the coffin
Wally Corey hovers over John Winton to the right of the photo
Go Navy!
Uss Fresno, LST1182, bowramp
Hong Kong at night, 1976
Ivory carvings in Hong Kong
Taken at D'legend Club, Olongapo City, Philippines, 1976
USS Okinawa LPH3, with a Harrier jet above her deck
Inside a gun mount
Me...new on board, August 1976
John Winton becomes a Shellback...being helped out by Wally Corey
Baptismal pool where new Shellbacks emerge
On our way home from Australia we would divert slightly off a direct course to Hawaii to cross the equator at the international dateline giving us Golden Shellback status!
USS Fresno, LST1182, in port in Brisbane, Australia, October 1976
My first time out at sea between Subic Bay and Hong Kong in the South China Sea...sorry for the out of focus shot
USS Truxtun CGN35, tied up behind us in Subic Bay
Superstructure of the USS Truxtun, CGN35
Jeepnie, Olongapo City, Philippines, 1976
Tied up in Guam, 1976
Dave Fredrickson, Jim Minton and Mike Maughan, all Quartermasters on the USS Fresno, c 1976.
Young and old on a street corner in Kao Hsiung, Taiwan
Sidewalk in Taiwan, 1976
Kangaroo 2 operations, 1976, off the coast of Australia
Kangaroo 2 operations off Broadsound, Australia, 1976
Kangaroo 2 operations
QM3 Jim Minton
Tied up in Subic Bay, 1976
In Subic Bay, Philippines
View from our berthing in Subic Bay, Philippines, 1976
USS Tripoli, LPH10 tied up across from us in Subic Bay
Olongapo City, Philippines, 1976
Onloading vehicles in Guam, September 1976
Kao Hsiung, Taiwan, 1976
In the captain's chair
PC3 David Prows
Changing formation
USS Monticello, LSD35
Brisbane, Australia
Uss Fresno, LST1182, tied up in Subic Bay, Philippines, 1976
Pierside in Subic
Superstructure of the USS Tripoli, LPH10
Jeepnie, Olongapo City, Philippines
Subic Bay, Philippines on the radar with Cubi Point to the south
Tyler and Bill White, leaving for home from Guam, September '76
Onloading in Guam
Guam, September 1976
Drawing of Frank McClusky by John Winton on our navigation chart in CIC
BBQ on the fantail
Photo at the equator where toilets go neither clockwise nor counter clockwise when flushed
Brisbane, Australia, 1976
Brisbane, Australia, Story bridge

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