Morey Storbeck in the wagon
Grandpa and Rachel
Grandma and Rachel, 1993
Toby with his favorite attachment for the vacuum
Archie, with Stacy and Audrey
Adolph Hegge, 1989...Adolph was Elaine's oldest brother
Joyce and Bob Hegge with Brad and Barb in Babbitt
Morey, taken in Virginia, Mn, 6-21-2007
Randy McEvers
Tammy and Rachel
Elaine Storbeck...Mom
Tammy and Mom, Christmas Eve, 2004
Bob, Adolph, Elaine, Dorothy and Lil
Karen and Rick's wedding, 1973
Tammy, snuggling the pups
Ole Buseth, Elaine's mother's brother...never married
Tom and Carol Livdahl with Steve and Kris
Alfred (Morey's father) and Norman Storbeck, 1971
Tom, Carol, Kristen and Steve Livdahl
Morey, on the right in suspenders, 1941
Morey...Dad, fall of 2000
Tammy and Rachel, September 2005
Jim and friends going camping
Iner and his plane, February 1930...Iner was Elaine's older brother
Bob Hegge
Sonja Livdahl
10th grade duck drawing by Rachel
Setsuko, Dorothy and David Livdahl, 1983
Tammy and Rachel in Babbit, Christmas Eve, 2004
Archie Storbeck, 1944
Grandpa and Rachel
Jim Storbeck and Anthony T.
Hegge family, 1930s
Bob and Iner Hegge
Rachel, June 2004
Brad Hegge, class of 1985
Minnie and Archie Storbeck, 1945
Devil's Tower in Wyoming...we've been here a couple times and look forward to seeing it again...very cool
Jim Storbeck
Jim Storbeck
Barb and Brad at uncle Adolph's in Ulen
Newborn Rachel
Rachel and Toby, June 2004
Randy McEvers
Rachel and Dorothy Livdahl
Archie and Minnie wedding party
Joseph and Donna Troseth family
Jim and friends...most likely in the Boundary Waters
Baby Elaine
Newborn Rachel,  August 24th, 1991
Morey, at St. Michaels in Virginia, Mn, July 2007
Anna Jane McEvers

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