Tammy, July 1999
At Camp Snoopy, March 2002
Angie, at her baby shower, 11-6-2005
Angie, opening baby shower gifts
Video link to Trail of Terror at Universal Studios in Orlando, October 2003
Kevin and Rachel at Afton, March 2006...we like Welch better
Alfred Storbeck, 1975
Alfred Storbeck and son, Morey
Rachel and Theresa
Rachel's Baptism
August 1999 along the North Shore
Toby and Allie, December 2003
Toni and Angie
Brad, Barb and Gil Hegge
Tom, Dorothy and David Livdahl, 2002
Rachel, in her pirate outfit, April 2006, dance competition in St. Paul
Rachel and Tammy at Jonie and Rob's wedding
Art and Irene Troseth with daughters, Marlene and Leatryce
Kevin and Tammy
Rachel, in Tammy's arms...her Baptism
Rachel just opened her final gift for her 14th birthday
Rachel with Toby and Allie, December 2003
Angie's baby shower
Tammy and Theresa with Rachel still a couple months away
Angie, Theresa and Tammy at Bob and Joyce Hegge's
Cindy, Dad and Mom
Tammy and Rachel
Russel Hegge family
Hartvig...friend of the family
Tammy, Rachel and Kevin's mom, Sarah, Christmas Eve 2002
Elaine and Morey Storbeck, September 2004
Angie, Theresa and Toni
Theresa, standing in front of Tower of Terror in Orlando
Christmas 2005, Kodak moment, take #27
Minnie Storbeck, 1994
Karen and Rick Gjevold, with sons Aric and Colin, Christmas 2005
Great Grandma Elaine, Angie, Keegan and Grandma Theresa, January 2006
Keegan Hennessy, April 2006
Alfred, Minnie, Archie, Stacy and Audrey Storbeck
3-D photo of Tammy in the Badlands of South Dakota, 2003
3-D photo of Kevin at Savoy, in the Black Hills of South Dakota, 2003
3-D photo of Tammy in the Badlands
Video link to our death defying journey to the Notch in the Badlands of South Dakota, summer '04
Astronaut Tony
Rachel's Baptism
Allie and Toby, December 2005
Angie and Keegan, January 2006
Angie, Pat and Keegan Hennessy, April 2006
Keegan Hennessy
Storbeck family photo
3-D photo of some flowers
3-D photo of Tammy in the Badlands
3-D photo of Mt Rushmore
Toni, Grandpa and Rachel
Rachel's Baptism, Theresa and Tammy
Rachel's Baptism, Tammy and Thien
Morey Storbeck, December 2005
Angie and newborn, Keegan
Keegan, April 2006
Tammy with the pups, October 2005
Marlene Langseth

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