Rachel played with the Dakota Valley Symphony along with several other students from Minnesota Valley Academy of Music on May 13th, 2005
Marlene and Alnora Troseth...Morey's mother's maiden name was Troseth
Minneapolis Center Air Route Traffic Control Center Hockey team, 1998...front row...?, Ed Velardi, Pat Lambert, Kurt Johnston, Steve Hanson, Pat Elster...back row...Bryan Rich, Ron Sekinski, Keith Gilmore, Kevin Gilmore, Steve Oleson, Kent Johnson, Darren Hoffmeier
Kevin and Rachel are nerds
...we've got wedgies too!
Tammy took too many putts!
Rachel and Kevin being punished at the Dells
Tammy, Cindy and Mom in Duluth, 1999
At the Duluth Rose Garden, July 1999
Rachel and Grandma Storbeck, spring 2002
Alfred's dad, brother and sisters, 1936
Rachel and a Barney birthday!  1993
...nerds who do armpit farts!
Kevin, along the Needles Hwy in the Black Hills of South Dakota, '99
Tammy, in the Badlands, SD, 1999
Rachel, behind the wheel of a Duck Boat at the Dells
At the Blueberry festival in Ely, Mn, c 2001
Cindy, at the rose garden in Duluth, 1999
Rachel, in our Orlando hotel being a midget rapper
Grandpa and Rachel
Goofing at an antique shop in Stillwater, June '04
Katrina and Rachel finding a new look at Valley Fair
Joni and Rob stood up for us
Fun with bubbles!
Solway Storbeck
Tammy and Dad, 1998
At the Blueberry festival in Ely, Mn
Smaback family
Rachel and Kelsey Maruska, playing dress-up
Best friends
Rachel and Grandma, summer 2002
New stepdad and stepdaughter, Kevin and Rachel
On our wedding day with Tammy's parents, July 30th 1999
Posing with Kevin's mother, Sarah,  after our wedding
Neighbors at our open house, September 2007
Our open house, Pat, Toni and Mike
Tammy and Rob Swanson
Debbie Cooper, Becky DeGrood, Katrina, Joyce and Alex Nicholson
First day of school, 2nd grade, 1999
Morey Storbeck
Rachel presents a rose to each of her Grandmothers at our wedding
A pose with Pastor James Lindberg
July 30th, 1999
Our open house and pig roast, September 1999
Our Cake!
Brad, Monique, Theresa and Angie
John and Stacy Lundblad at our open house, September 1999
First day of 2nd grade, Rachel, Kyle and Andy Froberg, Katrina and Kyle Nicholson, 1999
Kevin's cousin, Deborah Lindeman, singing at our wedding
I may kiss my bride!
The wedding boquet being caught by Rachel
Just married!
Our open house, Lil, Tom and Dad
Theresa's daughters, Angie and Toni
Brad and Monique Hegge
Tammy, August 1999, hiking along the North Shore

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