Dorothy Livdhl and Angie McDonald, circa 1993
Cindy, Tammy and Mom, Christmas Eve, 2004
Angie, Rachel and Toni
Toni McDonald
Dave and Dorothy Livdahl, 1994
Leatryce Troseth
Smaback's family (Irling Storbeck's uncle)
Solway Storbeck
Brittney and Brady Lundblad
1944, a wet year for Alfred Storbeck
Grandma's little helper
Irene Troseth and Petra's sister, Ingabor, 1940
Mel Rasmussen, friends, Mom and Dad
Toni and Theresa, January 1985
Cindy has a birthday, 1994
Bob and Adolph, celebrating Adolph's birthday, with candles which won't blow out!
Tom Livdahl
Pat and Angie
Grandma and Rachel
Grandma and Rachel...story time
Buseth family 1954.  I received this photo along with an email from John Buseth's family which I attempted to have translated.  "Hello Kevin!  Mine appellation am also John Buseth born 8.11.1943 in Dovre, Norway.  Mine father stayed Ole The accumulations.  Johanson Buseth and infer from Buseth bough Budal.  I drill in Folldal gift and has three grandchildren.  How comes din family at?  Hope to hear from you.  Best regards.
Tammy and Brad, September 1989
Morey Storbeck
Tammy, Angie and Toni
Cindy, Toni and Theresa, 1994
Toni and Tammy
Tammy wth baby Kyle Hegge
Theresa and Cindy
Kyle, Randy and Adolph
Theresa, Angie and Toni
Cindy and Rachel, c 1994
Rachel and her 'blue chair', 1994
Can you spot Rachel among her stuffed animals?
Alfred, Amund and Noman Storbeck
Grandma and Rachel
Jim Storbeck, Senior photo
Morey, Bernice, Helseth, Archie, Clara Holum, Adeline Helseth, Kenneth Holum
Storbeck family
Elaine and Bob Hegge, 1988
The Foster children Tammy cared for in the early '80s with Sue Peterson
Why so sad?
Digital diary link to our vacation to the Black Hills in South Dakota, Summer '04
I think Rachel is the cutest!
Angie, Theresa and Toni, February 1982
Cindy and Dad
Amber Valin
Rachel's new playhouse...hey, how did you get in there?
Celia Pechacek
Morey and Lil
Elaine on vacation
Jim Storbeck, grade school
Mom and Jim
Theresa, wedding day with Angie and Toni
Rachel's new playhouse, 1993
Eric Livdahl
Bonnie and Iner
Marge and Lyle Schoneman, 1989

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