Toni, January 1985
Grandma and Rachel, 1993
At the Out of Eden concert at Club 3 Degrees, August 2004
Adeline, Morey, Kenneth Holum and Bernice, 1946
Alfred Storbeck (Morey's father)
Dorothy Livdahl at home, 1994
Kyle Hegge, 1988
Lil, Dorothy, Joyce, Morie and Elaine, 2002
Video link to our death defying journey to the Notch in the Badlands of South Dakota, summer '04
Our pilot on the left with his hand controlling the gas
Looking up into the inflated balloon
We took a trip to Napa Valley in 2001 and spent one morning ballooning over wine country
Claryce, Marie, Alfred, Art, Irene...Archie...Morey, 1941
1944 was a very wet yer for Alfred
Rachel, 7th grade, 2004
Kevin, along the North Shore, August '99
Eric and Dorothy Livdahl
Morey Storbeck's Confirmation photo
Jim's Corvette
Elaine Hegge (Storbeck) Confirmation
A balloon from our group climbing out
Another balloon from our group in the distance
Kevin, helping inglate the balloon
Kris and Wendy's wedding, 1984
Morey Storbeck on the right, 1941
Minnie and Archie Storbeck (with kitten) 1945
Tom and Dorothy Livdahl
Dad and Tammy at Alan and Kristen's wedding, July 2003
Rachel, May 2001
Brenda, Rachel and Theresa, April 2005
Alfred and Carroll Storbeck
Link to Kevin's journal of his ride from Lakeville to Babbitt, July 9th,  '04
Pumping up my tires...nearly ready to head out
5:24 AM and I'm ready to roll
Tammy and Rachel, April 2004, dance recital at BloomingtonJefferson HS
Rachel's card to Mom, 2003
Tammy and Kevin, October '04
Going to see President Bush at Target Center, October '04
At the Republican convention in October, '04 to hear President Bush speak
Tammy and Joyce at Snuffy's in St. Paul, April '04
Joyce Hegge, April 2004
Having a laugh after just finishing the ride...9:20 PM
In need of a shower after 266 miles in the saddle
Streaming video of Rachel enjoying her first beer ever at the House of Blues in Orlando, October, '03
Rachel, in Babbitt, 2002
Inside card
Mixing it up with the protesters downtown
On the light rail coming out of Minneapolis
Morey and Cindy
Welcome to Babbitt, Mn, 26f below zero! 12-24-04
Spock, Monique and Brad Hegge
Tammy meets Billy Blanks, July 2004
Kevin's family, December 1979
Kristen Livdahl, 1984
Tammy, celebrating Christmas '04 with her new bug vacuum!
Keviin and Tammy, outside Hard Rock Cafe' in Minneapolis, August '04
Tammy and Rachel at the Dakota County Fair, 8-13-2004
Toby and Allie, December '04
Theresa, September 2003
Theresa, 1993
Toni, 1993
Angie and Toni, 1993
Jim Storbeck and friends

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