Thanksgiving 1984
Iner and Adolph Hegge
Al, Evie Arntz and Morey Storbeck, 1998
Gary McEvers and Franny, 1978
Lundblad family, 1996
Stacy Storbeck, graduation photo, 1965
Storbeck family reunion
The Troseth's...the young boy, Michael, would one day be the father of quintuplets!
Tom Livdahl family, 1978
Dorothy and Gilford
Wendy Hegge
Adolph Storbeck and Kyle Hegge, 1988
Audrey Storbeck's graduation
Beth Ann McEvers, Allen McEvers and Ruth, 1978
Streaming video of Camp Streefland, Summer 2001
Bell and Corpy Storbeck, 1988
Brenda and her daughter's Layce and Andrea.
Lyle and Marge Schoneman, 1995
Grandpa Storbeck's 1927 Chrysler, date on photo is 3-3-37
Archie Storbeck, 1944
Rachel, dance recital day
Halloween 2002 in my half man, half woman costume
Tammy, March 2004
Clayrce Pacachek's family
Corpy and Bell Storbeck family
Janelle, 1967
Elaine, in the kitchen, c 1994
Laura and Dorothy, 1991
Rachel and her friends goofing in their Sockhop outfits, June '04
Adeline and Bernice
Dance recital
Kevin, July 1973
Hegge, first cousins reunion, 2002
Dorothy, Iner and Laura, 1983
This is a photo of Axel Buseth's grave located in France.  He was killed in WW1.  Axel is the young boy being held by John Buseth in the photo below.
John Buseth family
Corpy and Bell Storbeck family, 1982
Building silo on Alfred's farm, 1947
Christmas 2003
Kyle Hegge, 1995
Morey Storbeck...Dad...1997
Elaine and Morey Storbeck, 1987
Dad and Tammy
Closeup view of the cross on Axel's grave
John Buseth family, restored photo
Stacy and John's dog, Brandi
Glen Storbeck, Ed Gerdahl (Petra's 2nd husband after Gus Troseth) 1940
Building Alfred's barn, 1947
Glen Storbeck with his prized pig, 1944
Al Arntz and his father with Alfred and Morey.  They had to use a horse as it was a wet year
Dorothy Livdahl with Lester and Lil McEvers at the Grand Canyon
Joyce and Dorothy, 2002
Adolph and Elaine Hegge
Dorothy, Kyle, Barb and Joyce, 1999
Back of photo of John Buseth's family

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