Morey and Elaine, Christmas 2007
A photo possibly from the old country in Norway.  On the back the words are "A Nilsen Storbegken og Kone"
Joyce Storbeck
Audrey Storbeck
Rachel and Tammy on the way to Hoover Dam, 8-26-2009
Tammy and Rachel in Raffles Cafe at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, 8-2009
Rachel, at her apartment in Rochester away at college, October 2010 (despite what the photo says)
Brenda and Tammy in Florida, March, 2013
Scout, Pat, Angie and Keegan Hennessy, Christmas 2007
Joyce and Bob Hegge
Stacy and Karen Storbeck
Alfred Storbeck, Tammy's Grandfather
Alan and Gary McEvers
Christmas, 2007
Brenda's School of Dance, Dads's Dance
Canvas and Chardonnay, March, 2015
Shells from Sanibel Island, Florida
Toni and Keegan, Christmas 2007
Jim  Storbeck, far right
Warren Troseth
Gary and Alan McEvers
Celebrating Tammy's 51st brithday at Outback Steakhouse, December 5th, 2008
Kevin and Rachel at Osaka's for their birthdays, August 2010
Happy happy birthday to us (at Osaka's)
Finishing touches
Christmas Card, 2013
Scrabble championships
Elaine Storbeck, the early years in Babbitt, Mn
Theresa Storbeck
Thanksgiving, 2008
Tammy isn't convinced
Kevin and Rachel, August 2010
Canvas and Chardonnay
Scrabble winner!
Archie Storbeck
Margurette Schoneman
Rachel, at the Minnesota State Fair, 8-28-2008
Kevin's Boot Camp company, 1975-76
Toby, Charlie and Allie, Sept 2nd, 2010
Rachel, Thriller
Charlie is 2! September 29th, 2010
Elaine Storbeck and Tammy Gilmore at the Minnesota Zoo Butterfly Garden
Keegan, Christmas 2007
Tammy gets a new ipod, December 2005
Rachel's 8th birthday
Gary McEvers
Departing MSP for LAS, 8-25-2009
UMR bound, 9-2-2010
Kevin and Rachel, October 2009
Tammy's Retirement! April 10th, 2015

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