Rachel is Confirmed, spring 2007
David Livdahl, 1956-57
Nels Buseth, Tammy's great uncle and Lena's brother
Cindy and Jim Storbeck
Merry Christmas, 2007!
Waiting for the demolition derby to start at the Dakota County Fair, August 2005
Turkey Days in Ulen, Mn, summer 2005
Turkey Days in Ulen, 2005
Elaine, at the Ulen cemetary, 2005
Adolph O. Hegge's grave
Rachel's Confirmation
Bradley Hegge, 6 months
Tammy, Karen Campbell and Theresa
Kevin, along the North Shore, summer 1999
Theresa and Angie at 7 months
Tammy, June 1999, Black Hills, SD
Rachel turns 14, August 2005
Turkey Days
Abraham C. Hegge's grave
Ulen cemetary
Rachel's Confirmation with friends at Prince of Peace in Burnsville
Barbara Hegge
Mom and Cindy at Brad and Monique's wedding
Rachel, in her room, September 2005
Kevin, 4th grade, 9 years old
Glen Storbeck, December 2007
Elaine and Morey Storbeck, summer 2005
Harlan Herfindahl and Morey Storbeck, 2005
Atlanta Lutheran Church, Ulen, Minnesota, 2005
Lena Hegge's grave
Kevin's Uncle Don in his violin making shop...Don made a violin for Rachel
Rachel, with her dance group in May, 2006
Brad, Barb, Morey, Jim, Elaine and Les
Dorothy, David and Tom Livdahl
Mom, pretty in red
Cindy Storbeck
Jim Storbeck with friends
Our Collared lizards, Ole and Lena
Morey, at the Ulen, Mn high school reunion, 2005
Ulen, Minnesota high school reunion, 2005
Atlanta Lutheran Church in Ulen, Mn
Leaving for Oklahoma to see Kevin's uncle Don and aunt Dorothy, May 2004
The Survivor Tree
Archie Storbeck, 1996
David and Jim
Thiel family...neighbors across the street from us in Babbitt
Dorothy Livdahl
Glen Storbeck
Rachel, self portrait, 4th grade, 2001
Elaine Storbeck and Violet Williams at the Ulen, Mn highschool reunion, 2005
Minnie and Morey Storbeck, 2005
Kevin and Rachel, on the way home from OKC
Kevin and Rachel under the Survivor Tree in OKC with Kevin's mother, Sarah and his Aunt Dorothy and Uncle Don, May 2004
Tom Livdahl
Jim Storbeck, 12 years old, 7th grade
Rachel, dancing with one of her camp counselors from 2005 at the David Crowder concert, 11-15-2005
Tammy, Cindy and Theresa Storbeck
Rachel, self portrait, 10th grade, 2007
Violet Rose (Stundahl) Williams and Elaine Storbeck
Elaine and Minnie Storbeck, 2005
Rachel plays the violin Don made her for the 1st time, May 2004
Survivor Tree plaque

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