Rachel's father and stepmom
Ice-cream man...one last time before heading off to college :(
Kevin and Rachel at Osaka's for their birthdays, August 2010
Rachel, Zombie Pub Crawl, 2014
Bring on the party, 6-19-2010
A 2-ball screwball for ya, Kev!
Happy happy birthday to us (at Osaka's)
Rachel and Maddy, Zombie Pub Crawl in Minneapolis, 2014
Kevin and Rachel, October 2009
My Tank
Kevin and Rachel, August 2010
Rachel in Utah, August 2016
Sam, Trina, Mat Kearney and me in Rochester. Best night of my summer, 2010!
bye bye tank
Mat Kearney in Rochester, 8-6-2010
UMR bound, 9-2-2010
Canvas and Chardonnay, March, 2015
Rachel, Thriller
Rachel and Kevin checking out the new iPad
Canvas and Chardonnay
Finishing touches
Tammy's Retirement! April 10th, 2015

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