Newsboys at Sonshine
Tammy and Rachel, April 2004
At Valley Fair with Kev and my cousin, Kelsey
Me and my mom, September 2005
Dance, 2005
One of my violin recitals
June 2004
Newsboys at Sonshine, 2007
Homecoming 2007
Valley Fair, 1999
My mom and I along the North Shore, July 2004
Rachel and Grandma, summer 2002
In our Orlando hotel doing an imitation of a vertically challenged rapper
Rachel and Kevin being punished at the Dells!
Link to the Lakeliners performance for Homecoming PepFest 2007
Pinning Grant's corsage on...Homecoming 2007
Tradition, June 2005
Rachel and Grandma Storbeck, spring 2002
With Toby and Allie, December 2003
My mom, me and my grandma Sarah, Christmas Eve 2002
My great uncle Don, giving me my first look at the violin he made for me, 2004
We're in Hollywood!  2007
My 2007 Homecoming pants...Panther Resurrection!
Grant and me
Group photo for Brenda's School of Dance, 2003-04
My Confirmation with friends at Prince of Peace in Burnsville
7th grade, 2004
First day of school, 2nd grade, 1999
Newborn me!  August 24th, 1991
Me and Camille at Hard Rock in Minneapolis before the Fray concert
So much for Panther Resurrection...we lost 17-0 :(
Helping to make a stained glass lamp
My Confirmation, spring 2007
First day of 5th grade, September 2002
Me and my aunt Theresa
Last day of 6th grade!
After the Fray
My Tattoo
Out to dinner just before leaving for Hollywood, Spring 2007
Me and our pups...Toby and Allie
My violin classmates, spring 2004
With my mom and Kev
Fall, 2005
Me and Toby, June 2004
My room

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