Me and _______, ready for the game, October 2005
At Camp Snoopy, March 2002
Me and my dad, March 2002
Party at my house with the senior company dance team, December 2005
Party at my house with friends from my dance class, December 2005
Chelsea and Natalie
Trip to Colorado with friends from Prince of Peace
David Crowder at Sonshine, 2007
Me and Raenelle at Sonshine Fest, 2007
Sonshine Fest, 2007
Before the game...we lost 15-0  :(
Not realizing I'm in any danger
Video link to our death defying journey to the Notch in the Badlands of South Dakota, summer '04
My stepmom, Xang and my sister, Amy
I think she likes me  :)
Kalsow, Chelsea, Natalie, Ian and Paige
On the Colorado trip
Jake...he gives the best back rubs!
David Crowder
Me, I forgot who and Rochelle
Christmas 2005, Kodak moment, take #27
Happy pirates, 2006
Unhappy pirates
My new baby sister...Amy, born 1-8-07
Flo and Denny
Kalsow at Sonshine, 2007
Nick and Raenelle
Mosh pit at Sonshine, 2007
Video link to some aligator stuff at Reptile Gardens in South Dakota
Allie and Toby, December 2005
Ashley, Trina and me...April 2006
Kevin and Rachel at Afton, March 2006...we like Welch better
Me...on the Colorado trip
Kalsow, me, Chris and Raenelle at Sonshine
One of the band memebers and Raenelle
Sonshine 2007
Sonshine Mosh pit
Rochelle Stowell
Road tripping to Babbitt with Kevin, December 2005
Working on my switch leaps
Chris, Raenelle and me at Sonshine, 2007 my pirate outfit, April 2006, dance competition in St. Paul
Lakeville North, Lakeliner Sophomores, summer 2007
Allison at Just for Kicks
My roommates at Just for Kicks
Kalsow and some guy??
Homecoming 2005
Video link to Trail of Terror at Universal Studios in Orlando, October 2003
A snowman...or snow-woman Trina and I made
so and so and Ashley
May 2006
Lakeliner Seniors at Just for Kicks, summer 2007
Lakeville North, Lakeliner Seniors, summer 2007
Lakeliner coaches, summer 2007

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