Video from my recital on March 17th, 2005
Leaving for Camp Ingham
Chelsea, Camille, Elise, Ashley and Kara, Camp Ingham, 2005
Me, Camille and Jake, Ingham 2005
Jake, Wally and me
Me and Josh, a junior camp counselor at Ingham
Grandma's little helper
They're almost done!
Rock climbing with the group from Prince of Peace at Taylors Falls, August 2005
Ashley, Elise, Rachel and Mark
Camp Ingham, 2005
Judea cabin, Camp Ingham, 2005
Judea cabin talent show
Dan, me and Mallory at Camp Ingham
Camp Ingham, 2005 group shot
Me and my counselor, Jen
Homecoming 2005
Truth or Dare bus ride home from Camp Ingham, 2005
Best friends
Rachel and a Barney birthday!  1993
oh my gosh...i love gilmore girls...i love gilmore girls!!
Camp Ingham
Rachel, Kara, me, Molly, Camille, Ashley, Elise and Chelsea at Camp Ingham
Camille, at Valley Fair, 8-20-04
My 14th b-day party at Valley Fair, 2005
Lindsay, me, Camille and Katrina...stop following us!
Me, my grandpa and my mom
Goofing at an antique shop in Stillwater, June '04
Katrina isn't really enjoying the Riptide...she's been stuck there for 20 minutes
Finding a new look at Valley Fair, June 2005
Toby and Allie, December 2003
Waiting in line...2004
Billy Bob teeth, 13th birthday
Let the burping contest begin!
Opening presents
Kicking some butt!
Reading my card from Katrina
Rachel and Katrina on Steel Venom, launching in 3...2...1...
Steel Venom
We're nerds
Angie, Rachel and Toni
1st day of 2nd, Kyle Froberg, Andy, Katrina and Kyle Nicholson, 1999
We're bored waiting in line to race
Buuuurrp...ohhh...that was like...that was like the buffalo wings...I could feel it burning in the back of my throat!
Camille LAST place!
Opening presents
That tall girl and Raenelle...Homecoming 2005
...nerds who do armpit farts
...we've got wedgies too!
Playing dress-up with Kelsey Maruska
Quite impressive don't cha think?
We can't burp
Some girl we found at the park
You would think I got tons of presents
I'm 8!  1999
Lindsay and this one girl...I forgot her name

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