Spring 2003
Dance recital
Turning 10 at Chuckee Cheese
Yes!  I'm double digets old!!
Time to go play some games
Life isn't only about being really, really, really, really good looking
Me and Nicole at Snuffy's in St. Paul
Rachel, Nicole, what's her name and Ashley Prather
Me and my dad at Disney World in 1997
Dance, Jazz outfit, 2004
Grandma and Rachel, 1993
I love you, Barney
Me and my cousin in Florida, 2001
Streaming video of me being a cute little kid
I'm contemplating something...I don't know what but I'm sure it's important
Halloween, 1993
3 little pigs...Raenelle, me and Ashley
Dance 2005, Ballet
Brenda's School of Dance, 2005, Senior B
Pretty earings (from Mr. Potato Head)
Grandma and me, 1994
Xi Gang (my stepmom) and me at the Camp Snoopy
Mom and me, 1993
At my uncles home in Florida, 2001
At the zoo in 2002
Being me
Something about the Ring
Dance, 2005, Jazz
Me and my dad
Christmas, 2002
Xi Gang and my, 2002
Ohhh, where has that straw been?
My mom and me
My blue chair, '94
6th hour English class and Homecoming
Jamie, Rachel, Kim, Cassie, Laura, Hallie, Julia and Tracy
Dance 2005, Tap
Me and Xi Gang at the zoo, 2002
Grandpa and me, 1993
Having a happy Barney birthday number 2
With my grandpa
Video of me, Halloween 1994
Hi, how are you?
At the Dakota County Fair, August '04
My Grandpa and me
Video of me being mesmurized by the tv...earth to Rachel
Rachel and Joyce, 1993
Me with Ryan and Zack, 1994...look how sweaty I am
A budding artist, '93
You should have seen the fight he put up!
Finishing touch to my room
We can't find anybody to take our picture so we have to do it ourselves to finish this stupid camera so we can take it in and get it developed
Sarah, Erin, Raenelle, me, Crystal, Ashley and Amanda
Rachel played with the Dakota Valley Symphony along with several other students from Minnesota Valley Academy of Music on May 13th, 2005
Summer 1999

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