Rachel on a Black Diamond run at Welch Village, 2-11-05...hey, wasn't that a school day?
Standing in front of a run named after ME!
Kevin, at Welch Village
blah blah, Loren and Rachel, ready for the Sock Hop to end the school year, June '04
Goofing in our outfits
Nicole and some chick
___, Nicole and Rachel, Spring '04
Track and Field at Christina Huddleston, 2004
Me...in November 2000
Toby and Allie, April 2004
Me and Spotty
Rachel, dancing with one of her camp counselors from 2005 at the David Crowder concert, 11-15-2005
Last day of school, 2004 with that girl across the street
Maybe just a bit of Zoolander attitude
Listen to Rachel scream as she rides the Aerosmith Rockin Roller Coaster at MGM themepark in Orlando, October '03
Rachel attempts to recover after the ride
Rachel, with Sam, ummmmm and Chloe
Track and Field day at Christina Huddleston, spring 2004
Track and Field day
First day of school, 2003
After my dance recital with my mom and some friends, May 2006
Halloween 2003
Toby and Allie's 1st birthday, 8-17-2004...I made their hats!
First day of school, 8th grade, September 2005,
Me and my great aunt, Lil
Let's exercise!
Having fun at a puppet shop in Orlando, October 2003
Homecoming 2003
lalala, Nicole and Ashley after my violin recital
Having my ears pierced, September '02
My 12th birthday at Skateland, August 2003
Rachel, June 1997
Rachel and Tammy at Jonie and Rob's wedding
Homecoming 2003
And if you look up there you can see Mars
Hey...take me home...I am potty trained you know!
Me and my stepmom, Xang and my dad
Tammy and Rachel
Pocohontus, Halloween 1997
Rachel, profile
Painting my bedroom
Ashley and some guy at Skateland
Paul Frank of course
Christi and me...August 2002
Kevin and Rachel, July 2003
Recital day
Dance, 2002
My yearbook cover design
My 12th birthday

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