At DQ, after our 6th grade band concert
Ashley and what's her name
At Beadit in the Mall of America, July 2004
Me and Kev at the Mall, July 2004
Streaming video of us on a dangerous trek through Bear Country USA in South Dakota, July '04
Downtown St. Paul with that one girl for a violin recital
Extreme slip-n-sliding at Katrina's, summer 2004
Halloween 2002 in my half man, half woman costume
Grandma and mel, 1993
Aunt Theresa, Christmas Eve 2004
Playing my recital, August 2004
Streaming video of Camp Streefland, Summer 2001
My grandpa and me, Christmas Eve, 2004
Streaming video of our 6th grade class singing, Lean on Me
Homecoming 2004
Homecoming pants, 2004
Kevin and me at Valley Fair, 2003
My jazz dance outfit, 2004
Streaming video of Toby rolling over...I taught him :)
Cross at Camp Ingham
At the Out of Eden concert at Club 3 Degrees, August 2004
With Camille at the Out of Eden concert...where my soldiers at?
Aunt Cindy, Christmas Eve, 2004
Homecoming 2004
Streaming video of Rachel enjoying her first beer ever at the House of Blues in Orlando, October, '03
Ballet, 2004
Oreo contest at camp Ingham, Summer '04...that's Ashley, Raenelle and me
Cabin mates at camp Ingham, Sarah, Erin, Amanda, Crystal, Ashley and Raenelle
Christmas theme
At the Out of Eden concert, summer 20044
Oh yea, what a hunk!...of metal
Homecoming pants, 2004
Boo hoo...we lost :(
I'm ready!
Me and Kevin at Valley Fair, 2004
Tap, 2004
My dad, great grandmother and Xi Gang, January '04 in Vietnam
We can be even more undignified than this!  Camp Ingham 2004
Rachel, with Jerry Maren, the Lollipop munchkin from the Wizard of Oz, at the Minnesota State Fair, September 2003
Camille, Nicole, Katrina and me taking off on Power 13th birthday
Me and Grandma, Christmas Eve, '04
Going to see President Bush at Target Center
Me and Kev, Christmas Eve, 2004
Mom and me, Christmas Eve, '04
No more corn-rows
Camille and Rachel with their dance class certificates
Me and my cousin, Kelsey...we're about to get drenched...1999
At Valley Fair with my cousin, Kelsey...1999
At Valley Fair
Bumper boats at Valley Fair
Rachel's 8th birthday, Mia, Rachel, Chris, Lea and Cole
At the Republican convention in October, '04 to hear President Bush speak
On the light rail coming out of Minneapolis
Mixing it up with the protesters downtown
My dad and Xi Gang in Vietnam, January, '04
Christmas Eve, 2004

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