Rachel and Kevin at Valley Fair, June 2005
Rachel and Kevin, June 2005
Me, training, February 1980
Going nowhere, fast!
Dave and Snickers, September 1995, in our hotel in Houghton in town for Dad's funeral
Note from Bryan...This was after Melody was born at our home in Maple Grove.  Jackie is holding Aleah I think, or maybe Melody...hard to tell
Christmas in Winona as Dan and Brent go through their dinosaur phase
Sam and Barbara
Melody, playing with Marble Alley
Goofing at an antique shop in Stillwater, June 2005
Scott Ekonen
The more things change the more they stay the same...the photos at left were taken nearly 28 years earlier
Kevin, December 2007
Me, July 19th 1981, after having bike 196 miles from Ladysmith, WI to Twin Lakes, MI in one day, sitting at Maria and Norm's refueling with pasta and feeling pretty good about the day
Streaming video of footage from Christmas 1968
Lindsay, Keith and Stephanie, September 1997
Melody, baby Tristan and Dad
Melody, at Jackie and Jerry's
Erin and Brent in Winona
Grandpa and Cassidy
Shari Ekonen, 1977
Mom, at Bryan and Sue's apartment, '72
Skating...Melody, Ron, Dan and Joe
Keith, July 2000
Joseph Smith, 1994
Cassidy with pups, October 2003
Cassidy with more pups
Maria and Sarah, September 2005
Jerry, Cole and Jazmin, circa 1995
Cassidy and Kane, Halloween 2005
The Bourdeaux's, September 1995
Melody, on the front step
Mom, Christmas 1972
Sue, Christmas 1972
Jack, Bryan and Mark Gilmore, spring 1985
On the dock
Cassidy with pups
Sue, in Berkley, CA 1971
Keith, at Brainard International Raceway, August 2002
Ron and Claudia's daughter, Janae
Baby Erin arrives, July 1982
Brent and Mopsy with Ron and Grandpa
Claudia and Mopsy, 1971
Sleepover at the farm
Jeremy, Nicole and Lee Durham, Lindsay, Erin and Stephanie, July '89
Lindsay helping Dad
Cassidy with pups
Bryan, home on leave from the Navy
Tristan and Melody, 1981
Lindsay, ready for the ride home
Larry and Janae Kragero, September 2002
Stephanie, October 1994
Claudia, 1971
Christmas, 1972
Kevin Gilmore, Christmas 1972
Kelly, Sheri and Scott
Jackie becomes an adult...18 years old, December 1973
Jackie turns 19, December 1974
Tristan and Melody
Keith, Lindsay and Stephanie in Winona

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