Keith and Aleah, Christmas Eve, 1979
Jackie, Christmas Eve, 1979 at Mom and Dad's
Aleah, Christmas Eve, 1979
Jerry and Sue, Christmas Eve, 1979
Sue Gilmore, January 1978
Kevin Gilmore, January 1978, home on leave from the Navy
Dad, watching the miracle on ice gold medal hockey game during the 1980 Olympics
Deborah Lindeman, 2003
Sheri, Jean and Eva
Tim, at home in Farmington
Ron and Dan, Christmas Eve, 1979
Mom, Jackie and Aleah, Christmas Eve, 1979
Jerry Bourdeaux, January 1978
At the kitchen table in Bloomington
Jenny, Gary, George and Bob Ekonen, January 1963
Tristan sucks!
Dan and Brent with their Road Warriors
Kevin's dog, Sarky, 1981
Elvin and Norm
Grandkids in Farmington, 12-14-1985
Sue and Melody, Christmas Eve, 1979
Christmas Eve, 1979
Bryan Gilmore, January, 1978
Jackie Bourdeaux, January, 1978
Claudia and Jackie, July 1959
Maria Durham
Dad and Mopsy 2 meet for the first time
Grandpa, Dan and Mopsy1
Grandpa pulling Dan (I think Spanky is in the very left of the photo)
Grandma and Dan
Keith Gilmore, 1977
Bryan...dude...flap harder!
Some of our best friends!
Kevin, ready to head back to San Diego after a month at home, January 1978
Terry Durham, 5th grade
Keith, Tim, Jackie and Seth in front of our home in Wayzata
Kevin and Tim with Topo Gigio (my lab rat from 4th grade which I got to keep as a pet)
Dad and Mopsy 2, c 1981
Stroller parade
Plowing out the driveway in Farmington
Lindsay and Grandpa, fishing
Tim, Kindergarten, 1967-68
Tim, Christmas 1972 at Bryan and Sue's apartment
Claudia, summer 1974
Bryan, Christmas 1972
Jackie and Kevin, September 1965
Dan on Grandpa's lap
Jerry, cutting wood in Farmington
Elvin, Dave and Mopsy2
Kelsey Bourdeaux, Confirmation, October 2004 with pillow Grandma made for her
George and Jan Ekonen
Jackie and Jerry, 1974
Jackie, summer 1974
Kevin, Jr High
Keith, Christmas 1967
Uncle Art Bartels, Tristan and Melody
Tristan behind the Foster Grants and the wheel with Mom
Maria, Norm, Elvin and Eva at Sheri's wedding, 1984
Aleah, Tristan and Melody, Christmas Eve, 1982
Keith, Lindsay and Stephanie 4 wheeling in Winona
Sarah, 1971

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