Mom, Dad and Mopsy, summer 1971
Sue, Jerry and Jackie in Webster
Art and Pat Arndt in Dana Pt., CA, 1985
Taken at our home in Bloomington.  The guy all the way to the right in the white shirt is Claudia's boyfriend, Leo Brotzel.
Keith, in our front yard in Farmington, 1980
Erin Bourdeaux, June 1987
Our home on Turner, outside of Detroit, MI, c 1956
Our summer home on the farm in Upper Michigan...the same home where Mom lived while growing up
Our home in Farmington, MN, from '79 to '85
Aerial view of our home in Farmington, c '81
Mom and Dad's home in Pottstown, PA
Dad, in Farmington
Scott and Melody Castle, August 2003
Streaming video of Toby rolling over...Rachel taught him!
Sarah Gilmore (Mom), at the Japanese Gardens in Portland
Dad and Mom at Sheri's wedding, October 1984
Our home on Berwick where we lived in the late '50s and early '60s
The home Mom and Dad rented for a year in Winona after leaving Minnesota in 1985
Mom and Dad's home in Winona, MI
Dad's boyhood home where Dad grew up in Douglas, Ontario...then
Our home in Pottstown, mid to late '70s
Sarah and Peter Gilmore
Keith, Claudia and Tim, February 1977
Mom and friends at a Farmington coffee shop celebrating her 74th birthday, November 2002
Maria and Norm Durham, October 1984
Rachel taught Allie to roll-over too!
Our home in Wayzata, MN, c 1964
Our home in Wayzata, 2004
Rear view of our home in Wayzata
Kitchen in our Wayzata home
Mom's home in Winona, March 1996, on her own and keeping the driveway clear
Snowed in, Winona style, December 1995
...and taken in July 1994
Peter and Sarah Gilmore
Dad, July 1961...look at the kids glasses he's wearing
George Ekonen
Stephanie and Tim
Dad's father, Peter Joseph Gilmore
Our home at 4209 W 102nd st in Bloomington from 1966 to 1975
Our home in Bloomington, 2004
Panoramic view of our Bloomington neighborhood looking toward the culdesac, 2004
Bryan/Dave and Sue's 1st home
Kevin Barbour...Kevin lived next to us for a few years when we lived in Bloomington.  His house is the first house on the left in the panoramic photo to the right
Link to a Kevin Barbour song
Sue, at Mercy hospital to have Melody
Rachel and her friends goofing in their Sockhop outfits, June '04
Don Ekonen, September 27th, 1943
Deborah, 5th grade, 1969
Sue and Kevin at Bass Lake in Webster, WI
The 2nd generation
Newlyweds, Bryan and Sue, 1972
Peter Gilmore, Dad, in the Canadian Navy, c 1943
Dad holding Jackie, Bryan, Claudia and Grandma at Copper Harbor
Playing Monopoly Christmas day, 1975 (I was less than one week away from leaving for Navy Bootcamp)
Aleah, having fun with cake, 1979
Mom, in England with Dad, c 1974
On business in England
Rachel played with the Dakota Valley Symphony along with several other students from Minnesota Valley Academy of Music on May 13th, 2005
Aleah and Melody, December 1979
Jackie's Confirmation
Dad and Keith, fishing in Canada
Ron, in Homer, Alaska
Melody and Max

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