Tammy and Kevin, October '04
Going to see President Bush at Target Center, October '04
At the Republican convention in October, '04 to hear President Bush speak
Tristan showing his modeling skills
Melody at the helm
Sue, on board
Sue Gilmore
Tammy, Rachel and Kevin, August 2003
Jackie and Debbie Southwell, October 1971
Elvin with a cowbell
Never a dull moment in the U.P.
Toby and Allie, December '04
Mixing it up with the protesters downtown
On the light rail coming out of Minneapolis
Erin and Aleah in their dance outfits
Tristan and Dylan
Ron and Claudia's motor home
Melody and Tristan...puppy love
Keith and Tim, 1975
See no evil, speak no evil and you know who
Sylvia McGregor, December '79
Tammy, celebrating Christmas '04 with her new bug vacuum!
December 1979
Kelsey, Keith, Stephanie and Lindsay, 1990
Digital diary link to our vacation to the Black Hills in South Dakota, Summer '04
Jackie, Diane Helgeson and Kevin, summer 1975
Ekonen reunion in the U.P., July 1981
Tristan Gilmore
Tristan on the slip n slide
Kelly, Bernie, Terry, Kevin and Lee, summer 1971
Keith Gilmore, summer 1971
Kevin and Tammy, outside Hard Rock Cafe' in Minneapolis, August 2004
Sue, at Keith and Kim's wedding
At home in Wayzata, c 1965
Tammy and Rachel at the Dakota County Fair, 8-13-2004
Don Ekonen, family reunion, July 1981
Bryan, c January 1978
Sue and Tristan, Master of Disaster or Puppy Love
Heading for the dump, or the fire tower or both, Summer '71
Climbing the fire tower in the U.P.
Dad (Peter Gilmore), 1963, 38 years old
Picnicking, Aleah, Jerry and Bryan
Video of Rachel being mesmurized by the tv...earth to Rachel
Kevin Gilmore, 1975 and not long for a date with a Navy barber
Keith, August 2003...anybody notice a patern in Keith's photos?
Mom (Sarah Gilmore) 1971
Bryan, October 1971
Bryan, October '71
David Smith, 1991 (Kevin's stepson)
Kevin, Bernie, Tim and Keith, 1971
Bernie, Keith and Tim at the farm
Jerry and Jackie, c 1974
Melody and friends
Scott Castle
Grandpa and Melody
Eva, Sarah, Elvin and Dave
Aleah with Mopsy2...just a pup...both of them!
Bryan, in a contemplative moment as he prepares to solve Rubik's Cube
Bryan, home on leave from the Navy
Terry, Kevin, Tim, Bernie, Lee and Keith...at the farm
Jean and Martin Ekonen
Keith and Dad, Christmas 1972

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