Rachel, dance recital day
Tammy, 3-23-04
Rachel, Halloween 2002 in her half man, half woman costume
Dad, checking out his work
Visiting with Vi, Bob Skebo, Anne Lutowsky and her mother Mary in back, Joan Skebo, Tim, Keith and Michael Murphy son of Judy (Dooling) and Kevin Murphy, c 1967
Pat and Cassidy, December 2003
Cole and Tim, July 1995
Don and Dorothy Ekonen at Mom and Dad's in Pottstown, PA
Tammy, September 2001
Video of Rachel, Halloween 1994
Christmas 2003
Tammy and I took a trip to Napa Valley in 2001 and spent a morning ballooning over wine country
That's me helping to inflate the balloon
Birthday bash!
Visiting Dad's side of the family in Douglas, Ontario, c 1967
Tammy, 6th grade
Art and Emily, Don and Dorothy, Sam and Barb, Brad and Michelle
Tauno Ekonen
Rachel, violin recital, August 2004
Mom, in their first apartment, c 1950
Our pilot is on the left with his hand on the gas/throttle
Looking up into our inflated balloon
Christmas at the Knutson's with Tim, Kelsey and Stephanie
Kevin and Tim
This photo was taken at Vi's home in Douglas, Ontario, c 1967.  Pictured from left are, Keith, Don Lutowskey, Father Tom Hunt (the parish priest), Vi, Bob Skebo, Kevin, Anne Lutowsky and Michael Murphy, son of Judy Murphy
Tim, Terry, Keith, Terry's friend, Lee and Kevin, c 1978
Cole, in Grandpa's chair, September 1995
Don and Dorothy Ekonen at the Gilmore's in Pottstown, PA, c 1977
Keith, going for it at Brainard International Raceway!
Melody and Scott Castle, first anniversary, June 2003
Another balloon from our group in the distance
A balloon from our group climbing out
Cole and Kelsey Bourdeaux in the U.P. in 2000
Kelsey, playing in the playhouse Grandpa made in their backyard in Winona, MI
Deborah Lindeman, age 13
Goin' fishin', c 1969
Bernie Lindeman, 5 years 10 months, 1967
Mom's home in Winona, March '96...she kept the driveway cleared on her own!
Peter and Sarah Gilmore, Christmas 1961
Kelly, Terry and Lee Durham, 1971
Melody and Aleah, 1978
Keith, Lindsay and Stephanie leaving Winona, MI
Kelsey and Cole, July 2001
Kelsey, in Alexandria, MN, July 2002
Kelsey in playhouse in Winona
Kelsey's 1st birthday, August 1990
Kim and Dave, September 1995
Labor Day weekend, 1994
Lindsay Gilmore
Keith, on a Canadian fishing trip, 1995
Keith, January '61
Keith, in a familiar pose...the tongue :)~
Kevin and Tim with Mopsy 1, c 1970
Brent Knutson
Tammy, 2005
Maria and Kelly Durham, Mother's Day, 1976
Lee Durham, 6th grade
Elvin, Martin, Bernie and Jason, August 2004
Martin and Bernie

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