Bryan, aka Triangle and Jerry in Webster
Jackie, 1957
Stephanie and Keith, May 1991
Jerry, Grandma, Cole and Cassidy, August 2002
Tristan, Grandpa, Grandma and Melody...can you see Barney?
George, Norm, Elvin and Dave at George and Jenny's home
Ron and Art Arndt in Dana Point, CA, 2001
Christmas 1967
Mom and Dad at Lil and Len's apartment, 1950
Peter Gilmore, circa 1947 shortly before meeting Sarah
Grandpa and Grandma meet Baby Erin, July 1982
Jackie, September 1957
Cole, Kelsey and Stephanie at Grandma's, 2000
Tim Gilmore, Jeff Ekonen, Keith Gilmore and Bernie Lindeman
Tim and Keith with Anna and Sue Rollinger, neighbors in Webster, Wi
Tim, Keith and Kevin, c 1974
Jackie and Jerry, building a picnic table for Mom and Dad...what's so funny?
Jerry really does have a nice design...I know because I copied it!
Christmas at the Knutson's, 1990
Cole and Bryan, 1993
Cole, Kelsey and friend, August 2002
Cousins, December 26th, 1988
Easter 2001 at Grandma's...
...with a truckload!
Kelsey, Cole and Stephanie at Grandma's, 2000
Noy's son, David Smith
Easter brunch, 1993
Easter brunch, 1993
Easter brunch, 1993
Cole, Kelsey and Erin in Upper Michigan, 2000
Kevin and Stephanie, December 1992
Kim, Lindsay and Stephanie, February 1992
Dad and Mom with their new jeep, spring 1992
December 26th, 1988
Winona, MI winter
Maria and Norm Durham's cabin, October 1981
Bryan, Tristan and Melody
Cassidy Clements at Great Grandma Sarah's home, April 2003
Mom's backyard
Claudia took a series of photos with her friend, Robin Moorhead at a park in Eagan, MN as part of a birthday card for Dad in '73
Gilmore family, 1970-71
Photo fun
Grandpa, with Aleah and Erin
Sheri Ekonen, 6 years old, 1965
Melody on the 4-wheeler in Winona
Cassidy, September 2005
Keith and Mom and Lindsay's graduation party, 2003
Tim and Doug Zelner (Keith's partner at Dakota Custom Wood) at Lindsay's graduation party, 2003
Jackie Gimore, c '73
Photos for Dad, not that much!
John Harma, Grandma, Veikko, Meri and Mr Bergdahl, 1968
Scott Ekonen, 8 years old, 1965
Listen to Rachel scream as she rides the Aerosmith Rockin Roller Coaster at MGM themepark in Orlando, October '03
Rachel attempts to recover after the ride
Eva, at Bryan and Sue's wedding rehearsal dinner
Jerry and Jackie Bourdeaux
Keith and Lindsay at Lindsay's graduation party, June 14th, 2003
Dwight and Liz Schoberg
This photo of Wilma Ekonen and John Harma was taken October 7th, 1969, five days before her death on October 12th
Dad and Bryan/Dave, 1967
The Brew Crew

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