Lindsay and Erin, Agate Beach, July '89
Bryan, aka Dave, Photogopher and Triangle
Jerry, Ron, Dad and Bryan in Ron's boat, 1978
Jerry, Jackie and Dad, picnicking 1978
Picnic, 1978
Sue, picnicking, 1978
Streaming video of Rachel being a cute little kid...some early dance moves!
Keith, Kevin and Tim Gilmore
Keith and Lady
Camping at St. Croix Park
Keith with Lindsay and Stephanie, October 1988
Brent, Dan, Aleah and Erin, March 1989
Brent and Erin in the backyard in Winona
Ron took the gang water skiing
Picnic, 1978
Keith, 1978
Leaving Farmington, MN, 1985 for the U.P.
Claudia and Max, helping with the move to the U.P., 1985
Truck troubles on the move to the U.P., 1985
Cole Bourdeaux
Cole and Brent, September 1995
Combined birthdays, Melody 12, Tim 28, Keith 30, Kevin 33 and Bryan 41, 1990
Cole's 5th birthday, December 1997
Dorothy and Don Ekonen
Ron, 1978
Art Arndt, husband of Pat Arndt, niece of Peter Gilmore, 1990
Mom and Dad in Long Beach, CA with Bill Serhan, Art Arndt, Mary Helen, Edith Serhan (Molly's sister) and Molly Gilmore in the summer of 1990
Pat and Aleah Clements at TGI Fridays for Pat's 30th birthday, 8-23-2000
Don, Emilly and Dorothy
...a call for help
Dad, Mom, Claudia and Bryan
Dad, Aleah and Jackie and Keith and Kim's wedding, 10-10-1981
Keith, on the 1st fairway at Wayandotte golf course in Twin Lakes, MI
Dan Knutson, 8th grade, 1992
Clayton and Erin, January 2001
Little Joe, June 1988
Streaming video link of various footage from 1968-69
Sheri (Ekonen) and Keith Thompson, 1999
Tim, Mom and Bryan at Dad's funeral, September '95
Kevin, Rachel and Tammy at Disney World, 2000
Tim and Dad at Valley Forge, PA
Ron and Claudia, October 1981
Kelsey's baptism, September 1989
Bryan and Jerry, c '94
Claudia and Jackie
Lindsay and Stephanie Gilmore, Halloween 1992
Stephanie and Lindsay, 1991
...and this little piggy cried 'wee wee wee' all the way home
Scott, Melody and Sue
Tristan, Grandpa and Melody in the park
Aleah is 2, June 1980
Dad, Tim and Bryan in Farmington
Bryan, in Shanghai
Dad, with Tim and Keith in Winona, Mi
Grandma Ekonen with Emily, Bryan, Barbara and one of Ralph's sons on the left
Kevin, in the Black Hills along the Needles Highway, June 1999
Mom, Tim and Jackie, August 2002
Jackie and Jerry's dog, Gracie, and her pups, August 2002
Mom and Bryan, June 1999
Stephanie with Jim Neighbors after sitting with him in first class on a flight from Hawaii in May 1977
Tristan, Bryan and Melody Gilmore
Rachel, June 1997

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