Norm and Maria at Lindsay and Joe's wedding
Tracee and Mom...I've got a secret
Winding down
Tracee and Jackie
Keith and Lindsay
Keith, Mom, Tracee and Bryan
Lindsay, Stephanie and Keith
At Cosetta's in St Paul, Halloween night, 2008
Celebrating Tammy's 51st brithday at Outback Steakhouse, December 5th, 2008
Keith and Tracee, Dakota Wood Design at the Twin Cities Food and Wine Experience, February 2009
Nick Ekonen
The beautiful bride...Lindsay McKean
Tracee and Grandma at Lindsay and Joe's wedding
Lindsay, Grandma, Joe and Maria
Tammy and Jackie
Viewing the photo album Bryan made for Mom
Mom, turning 80
Kevin's Boot Camp company, 1975-76
Josh and Rachel in a DC9 simulator, March 2009
1995 in Thailand
Grandma Sarah
Tim and Kevin
Dan and Jackie
Rachel, Cole and Kelsey
Mom and Bryan/Dave
Mom and Tammy
Tammy, 11-6-2008
Kevin is about to become a new recruit, December 1975
Keith, March 2009, a Goon playing with the Minneapolis Center's air traffic controller hockey team
Kevin's 1982 Mazda 626
Rachel, Christmas Eve, 2008
Brent, Erin and Ron
Ron, Rachel and Claudia
Maria and Norm
Claudia and Ron
Mom, 80th birthday celebration at Jax Cafe in minneapolis
Siblings with Mom celebrating her 80th birthday at Jax Cafe in Minneapolis
Bryan, 11-6-2008
Kane, Greatgrandma Sarah and Cassidy
Kevin, as Austin Powers for Rachel's 11th birthday
Kim and Kevin
Rachel, at the Minnesota State Fair, 8-28-2008
Erin and Clayton
Looking at photos Bryan put together for a picture book for Mom/Grandma/Sarah
Four of six
Watching the election results come in, 11-4-2008...Obama wins!
Sue, Mom and Bryan
Erin, Clayton and Anja, November 21, 2008
Anja Elizabeth Smith
Kane, Amanda (Clayton's sister), Cassidy, Aleah, Kelsey and Anja
Anja and Cassidy
Keith's gradeschool friend, Craig Midgely
Cole and Tim
Mom, Sarah, Grandma, Great Grandma, 8-28-2008
Stephanie, Keith, Lindsay and Joe
Cole, Kelsey and Dustin
Four of six, take two
The Gilmore's, 11-5-2008
Getting ready to head for home and...oh, and a blizzard too in South Dakota
Greatgrandma Sarah and Anja
Erin, Clayton, Anja and Eva, March 2009

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