Sue and Melody
Mom and Dad, 45th wedding anniversary, 1993
Kevin, Jackie and Doc, July 1961
Kevin's Kindergarten graduation, June 1963, Mrs Denzer was my teacher and one of my best ever
Keith's Confirmation
Waiting for the demolition derby to start at the Dakota County Fair, August 2005
Rachel turns 14, August 2005
The 1st violin Don Ekonen made...I believe around the age of 13
Tracee and Keith, summer 2007
Brent and Erin, July 2008
Melody and Scott Castle
Peter Gilmore with Mary and Don Lutowsky
Kevin, June 1961, in the yard of our home on Berwick
Kelsey and Cole Bourdeaux, Summer 2000
Jack, Mark, Mary and Molly Gilmore, 1985
Tammy, June 1999, Black Hills, SD
Leaving for Oklahoma to see Don and Dorothy, May 2004
Kevin and Rachel, on the way home from OKC
Maria Durham, August 2004
Brent and Erin
Lindsay and Stephanie, March 1991
Peter Gilmore with son, Jack
David Bryan Gilmore, 7th grade, 1961-62
Kelsey and Cassidy, July 2002
Jack and Molly Gilmore with Bryan, 1985
Rachel, self portrait, 4th grade, 2001
Rachel plays the violin Don made her for the 1st time, May 2004
10th grade duck drawing by Rachel
Eva Lindeman, August 2004
Lindsay Gilmore
Peter Joseph Gilmore working in the yard of their home in Detroit
Wilma Sophia Ekonen (Grandma)
Kelsey, at Grandma and Grandpa's in Wiinona
Peter Gilmore, Tina and Bob Ekonen
Rachel, self portrait, 10th grade, 2007
Sarah/Mom, May 2004 on road trip to OKC
The Survivor Tree
Doris and Bill Niemi, August 2004
Martin, Ralph and Janie Ekonen
Sarah Gilmore/Mom with friends...Bryan is the baby being held by Mom's friend,  Mary (Dooling) Lutowsky also in the photo to Mom's left
Herman, Bryan, Claudia, Grandpa and Grandma Harma and Mom, circa 1955
Art Arndt
Dave, Elvin and Jerry
Our Collared lizards, Ole and Lena
Barbara and David Bonham, May 2004
Don, in his violin making shop
Under the Survivor Tree
Tammy gets a new ipod, December 2005
Christmas Card, 2013
Sarah and Eva, June 1998
Sarah Gilmore's confirmation photo
Ralph Ekonen during WW2
Dad's mother, Hellen Jane Gilmore (Cronen), taken when she was around 17 years old
Merry Christmas, 2007!
Don, on the exercyle in their workout room
Survivor Tree plaque
Judy and Scott Brandes, September 1999
Rachel's 8th birthday
Martin and Elizabeth Ekonen, August 2004

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