TV zombies
Melody and Grandma Naomi
Dad/Dave, in England, 1974
Rachel, in her Lakeville North, Lakeliners attire, 2007
Mom and Dad's first home at 18663 Lennane in Redford, MI
Deborah Lindeman, March 1962
Grandpa and Cole, May 1993
Great Grandma and Cassidy, September 2002
The Gilmore family in Sherwood Oregon, Christmas 1998
An early '80s Kevin
Cap'n Ron
Jeff and Dan
Mom/Sarah, in England
Cassidy with Great Grandma Sarah
Kevin, in Kindergarten
Claudia, Archie and Jackie, August 1963
Aleah, Melody and Buddy
Tristan, getting some 4-wheeling lessons from Grandpa
Going for a fire truck ride in Michigan, 1993
Bryan and Sue's first home, 1975
Tristan putting his trust in Kevin
Tristan, in his rocket phase
Jackie, studying the latest issue of Decor and More
Grandma Sarah turns 79, November 3rd, 2007
Erin and Grandma
George Ekonen with then fiance', Jan, September 1965
Dave/Bryan in his room in Wayzata, March 1965
Aleah, tied up with socks...looks like the work of Grandpa or one of her uncles to me
House built in Thailand
Peter David Gilmore (Dad) and Mopsy
Keith, Jackie and Tim, 1976
Melody and Tristan servicing the Trick-or-treaters
Looking through the nockelers with Grandpa
Kevin, in Napa Valley, August 2001
Aleah and Grandma
Mom/Sarah Gilmore, at home in Wayzata, March 1965
Bears at the dump in the U.P.
Jackie and Aleah in Winona
On the train to Vancouver, 1992
Christmas Eve, 1972
You never knew what you'd get to do at Grandma and Grandpa's in Farmington!
Tristan and Buddy
Kevin, January 1976
Cassidy and Kane
Dad and Norm enjoying our new furniture, April 1963
Mom and Keith at Grandma's
Dan and Brent with Grandpa on the deck in Farmington
May 1990
Cassidy with pups, September 1992
Picnicking at Agate Beach, 1968
Melody...a budding gardener...pun intended
Sue and Tristan
Kevin, home on leave from the Navy with Max, circa 1976
Christmas Eve, 1977
Lenard and Lillian Ragan, friends of Sarah and Dave, 1965
Jackie, 6th grade, 1966-67
Brent Knutson
George Ekonen
Peter and Sarah Gilmore, September 1992
Dad, Mom and Bryan

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