Tristan and Nell exchange marriage vows
Making it official...
Lindsay and Erin at Agate beach in the U.P., July 1989
Dad/Dave Gilmore
Dorothy, Sam and Barbara, possibly in the U.P. for the 1981 reunion
Kevin, 4th grade, 9 years old
Christmas 1990
Melody and Malary
Nell and Tristan with judge Deanne Darling officiating's official
Don and Dorothy Ekonen, 2001
Mom and Kevin, April 2004
Mark and Mary Gilmore, ages 5 and 3
Ron and Dan
Sue and her hampster...actually, I'm not sure whose hampster this is...Melody...Tristan?
Bryan/Dave, in California
Bryan and Claudia on Turner Ave in Detroit, July 1957
Sue and Tristan
Jackie, leaving Winona
Mom, Kevin, Tim and Bryan, January 1963
Kevin, Scott and Sheri
Tristan and Melody helping Grandpa
First photo of Bryan/Dave/Dad with Melody
Uncle Herman, John, Aino, Grandma with Sakari behind her, Pat, Sarah, Eva, Dorothy, Don, Claudia, Virginia, Emily, Donny and Barbara at Grandma's for Martin and Jean's wedding, circa 1955
Bryan/Dave and Maria on the farm
Group shot at the Knutson's, August 21st, 2003...Sue, Melody and Scott were in town for Erin's wedding
Dave Gilmore in Singapore
Dan and Melody, August 2003
Don Ekonen and Deborah at Sheri's wedding, 1984
Mom/Sarah Gilmore, April 1963
Tim is having a birthday and this is possibly the only photo of Tweater...our Canary
Tim and Gary Sink (Kevin's friend from high school)
Stephanie, Lindsay and Ramsey, March 1991
Martin and Jean Ekonen wedding party
Dad, holding Jackie, Claudia, Bryan and Kevin in Mom's lap
Mom/Sarah Gilmore with her cathedral quilt she sewed
Dad/Peter Gilmore with his mother and brother, Jack
Dan and friend, Dustin
Peter and Sarah Gilmore, church photo, 1976
A day at the Mall of America and Camp Snoopy
Cole, August 2000
Stephanie says so on her car!  2000
Sue with her mother, Naomi Bartells
Elvin and Eva Lindeman, wedding photo
Bryan and Dad, circa 1957
Erin Bourdeaux
Christmas 1976
circa summer 1989
Cole, Jr Sno-Daze royalty, Osseo HS, 1996
Stephanie and Lindsay at Grandma's
Some of the gang at Kevin's
Grandma with baby Sheri on her lap
Martin, Jean and Jackie, January 1956

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