Terry Durham
Bryan and Sue, 1978
Claudia, circa 1978
Dad and Sue, 1978
Tim Gilmore, 1978
Kevin Gilmore, c 1978
Kevin (home on leave) and Bryan, 1978
Tristan, Christmas Eve, 1986
Tristan and Melody, Christmas Eve, '86
Cousins and uncles in Winona
Amy Bartels and Claudia
Aleah Bourdeaux, 1980
Dan Knutson, striking a fishing pose
Aleah, October 1978
Keith and Dad in Winona
Cole Bourdeaux, summer 2000
Apparently Melody knew nothing of these Santa Bears ahead of time...naughty, naughty...Christmas Eve 1986
Kelsey and Cole Bourdeaux
Aleah and Melody, April 1980
Art Arndt and Mark Gilmore, summer 1990
Bernie Lindeman, Palm Sunday, 1976
Dorothy and Barbara
Erin Bourdeaux and Lindsay Gilmore
Jerry Bourdeaux
Jerry, in the U.P., 2000
Kelsey Bourdeaux, at Claudia and Ron's, c 1992
Tammy with the pups, October 2005
Sarah Gilmore, 1971
Stephanie and Ramsey
Christmas at the Knutson's, 1990
Bryan and Jerry, in Webster, Wi
Dan and Aleah with Grandpa in Farmington
Kevin, August 2003
Cassidy Clements, September 2002
Dan and Brent Knutson
Kevin and Bryan
Max and Mopsy
Landmark Rental with the fruit peddler's stand
Kelsey, Dad/Grandpa and Tim, summer 1995
Streaming video of Rachel enjoying her first beer ever at the House of Blues in Orlando, October, '03
Cousins, 1984
Kevin and Erin, c '84
Jerry, Keith, Tim and Bryan
Kelsey and Cole Bourdeaux, 1997
Jerry and Cassidy, July 2002
Jackie and Jerry Bourdeaux, Lake Superior, 2000
Stephanie Gilmore, in corn rows, January 2002
Erin, Aleah, Cole and Kelsey Bourdeaux, 1996
Claudia, with a friend in the basement of our home in Bloomington, Mn
Keith and Lindsay, 1986
Bryan and Sue, Christmas 2000
Tim Gilmore, Landmark Rental
Learning to swim
Erin Bourdeaux
Keith and Bryan
Keith, with Lindsay, Aleah and Erin, March 1989
Bryan/Dave, hiking Orcas Island
David Bryan Gilmore, mountain biker
Cassidy Clements, 2002
Tristan and Melody Gilmore, dressed for Christmas, 1981

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