Link to Kevin's journal of his ride from Lakeville to Babbitt, July 9th,  '04
Kevin and Rachel are nerds
...nerds who do armpit farts!
Newborn Rachel
A photo of the farm our family owned in the late '60s...this photo was taken around 1978
Janey, Jean, Carolyn and Jan
Mom and Keith at Stephanie's HS graduation party, 6-23-07
Rachel is Confirmed, spring 2007
Dad, Tim and Jerry
Dad, with jackie on his lap and Bryan and Claudia
Minneapolis Center Air Route Traffic Control Center Hockey team, 1998...front row...?, Ed Velardi, Pat Lambert, Kurt Johnston, Steve Hanson, Pat Elster...back row...Bryan Rich, Ron Sekinski, Keith Gilmore, Kevin Gilmore, Steve Oleson, Kent Johnson, Darren Hoffmeier
Pumping up my tires, nearlly ready to head out
...we've got wedgies too!
Tammy, July 1999
Newborn Rachel,  August 24th, 1991
The barn at the farm, c 1978
Ralph and Jane Ekonen, 1990
Lindsay, (Keith) and Kim, 6-23-2007
Rachel's Confirmation
Peter David Gilmore, in the Canadian Navy, circa 1943
Kevin and Tammy
Kevin, along the North Shore, summer 1999
5:24 AM and I'm ready to roll
At the Blueberry festival in Ely, Mn
Rachel, her grandfather and Tammy at the Blueberry festival in Ely, Mn, c 2001
August 1999 along the North Shore
Grandpa and Tristan
Ralph and George Ekonen
Sarah, Dorothy and Don Ekonen, 5-28-2004
Rachel's Confirmation with friends at Prince of Peace in Burnsville
Rachel, in Tammy's arms...her Baptism
Webster, WI, summer 1975
Don and Dorothy Ekonen with Elvin and Eva Lindeman and Norm and Maria Durham
Having a laugh after just finishing the ride...9:24 PM
Tammy took too many putts!
Rachel and Kevin being punished at the Dells!
Tristan and Bryan, 1998
Rachel, June 2004
Don, giving Rachel her first glimpse at the violin he made for her, 2004
Kevin, Mom, Keith and Tim at Stephanie's graduation, 6-23-2007
Rachel's Baptism
Bryan/Dave with the Electrical gang aboard the USS Orleck, DD886, 1971
In need of a shower after 266 miles in the saddle
Kevin, along the Needles Hwy in the Black Hills of South Dakota, '99
Tammy, Rachel and Mom, Christmas Eve 2002
The Bartels group photo, August 11th, 2004
Scott and Melody Castle
Rachel and Toby, June 2004
Sarah and Dorothy, 5-27-2004
Keith and Tracee, 6-23-2007
Article about Don Ekonen in The Finnish American Reporter
Article about Don in the Daily Mining Gazette
Tammy, in the Badlands of South Dakota, 1999
Kelsey and Tammy at Valley Fair
Cassidy, December 2003
Art Bartels and Melody
Tammy, Senior High photo
Tammy and Rachel, April 2004, dance recital at BloomingtonJefferson HS
Rachel, with her dance group in May, 2006
September 2007 at a gathering for the donation by Don Ekonen of 17 violins to Finlandia University in Hancock, MI
Tina, Eva, Vivian and Harold, September 2007
Maria, Dorothy, Don and Eva, September 2007
Checking out Kevin's Estes rockets

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