Kelly, Keith and Tammy
Tina Ekonen
Reunion 2006, Sheri and Keith Thompson
Reunion 2006, Brent Knutson
Reunion 2006, Deborah taking a photo of Tina Ekonen
Deborah Lindeman
Reunion 2006, football
Reunion 2006, Bob Ekonen
Reunion 2006
Reunion 2006, Kim Durham (Terry's wife), Keith and Sheri Thompson
Reunion 2006, Norm Durham
Reunion 2006, Tammy Gilmore, Brent Knutson and Ron Knutson
Reunion 2006, Brad Ekonen (Todd and Michelle's son)
Reunion 2006, Sarah Gilmore and Martin Ekonen
Reunion 2006, Bob and Martin Ekonen
Dan Knutson and Grandma Sarah
Reunion 2006, Kelly and Jackie
Maria Durham
Reunion 2006, Todd and Brad Ekonen
Reunion 2006, Eva Lindeman with friend, Harold and Norm Durham
Reunion 2006
Kevin and Tammy's daughter, Rachel
Reunion 2006, Eva Lindeman and Sarah Gilmore
Scott and Elizabeth Ekonen
Sheri, Kelly and Jackie
Reunion 2006, Scott Ekonen, Sarah and Kevin Gilmore
Reunion 2006, Bruce, Dan Ekonen and his father, Gary
Reunion 2006, Gary Ekonen, Michelle and Todd Ekonen
A photo board Maria put together for the reunion
Reunion 2006, Eva Lindeman, Sarah Gilmore and Elizabeth Ekonen
Lee, Maria and Kim...on pooper scooper patrol
Keith Gilmore, Jerry Bourdeaux, Dustin (Kelsey's boyfriend) and Kelsey Bourdeaux
Reunion 2006, Motel Scott
Todd and Michelle's son, Brad
Eva's friend, Harold, Bob Ekonen and Keith Gilmore
Reunion 2006, Jennifer Durham and Vivian Lindeman
Vivian Lindeman and Keith Gilmore
Reunion 2006, bonfire
Reunion 2005, Scott, Norm and Sarah
Reunion 2006, Martin Ekonen, Jennifer Durham and Gary Ekonen

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