Stephanie and Lindsay Gilmore, Christmas 2005
Kevin, July 1973
Allie and Toby, December 2005
Norm Durham, July 2004
Joseph Smith, May 2006
Joe and Kevin, May 2006
Bryan, Confirmation...either that or Dad is a ventriloquist
Scott and Tristan
Scott Castle...nice catch...and nice catch to Photogopher for catching the shot!
Peter Gilmore, at Bourroughs Farms, circa 1950
Christmas 2005 photo, a Kodak moment, take #27
Kevin, recovering from torn cartilage and ligaments, June 1975
Kevin, fall 1975, Holiday gas station guy...regular or premium mam...check your oil?
Video link to Trail of Terror at Universal Studios in Orlando, October 2003
Terry Durham, 16, 1978
Joe and Susy
Jason Lindeman, prom, 2006
Tristan Gilmore
Tristan and Dad/Bryan/Dave
Peter David Gilmore, Canadian Navy group photo, circa 1945 (original) my 1970 Ford Maverick, 1975
A proud Grandpa Jerry with Kane
Melody and Scott Castle
Dan and Brent on the deck in Farmington during their Dukes of Hazard phase
Kevin, with my 1970 Ford Maverick, summer '75
Rachel, Pirate dance, 2006 recital
Grandpa and Melody
Cole, on the front step in Winona
Peter David Gilmore, Canadian Navy group photo, circa 1945 (restored)
Video link to Cassidy reciting the Pledge of Allegiance
Kevin and Rachel at Afton, March of us is playing hookey  :)
Kevin, Keith and Mike Lynch, circa 1965 when we lived for a short time in Richfield off Lakeshore Drive.  Mike broadcasts the weather for WCCO radio in Minneapolis
Letter home from Bryan, January 30th, 1969
Lindsay's tattoo, designed by Keith
Streaming video of footage taken in the spring of 1968
Vacationing in Winona
Jan, Don and Dorothy Ekonen
Rachel, in her room, September 2005
Kane Clements, Baptism, 11-12-2005
Cole and Jerry
Dan, riding the 'shoe' at Grandma and Grandpa's
Kane and Cassidy Clements, Christmas 2005
Tim, in a Bloomington snow globe
Jackie and Jerry Bourdeaux, 1975
Toby's toys...notice he doesn't like them to have their eyes
Janie and Ralph Ekonen
Rachel, dancing with one of her camp counselors from 2005 at the David Crowder concert, 11-15-2005
Rachel, summer 1999
Grandpa Jerry, Great Grandma Sarah and Kane
Linda and Mike Kane.  Kane's name was chosen in honor of their son (Pat's best friend) who was killed by a drunk driver
Cole, nearly taller than his dad!
Dad, Mom, Claudia and Bryan
Tim, Kevin, Keith and Aleah, December 1979
Katrina and Rachel finding a new look at Valley Fair
Ron and Claudia Knutson
Maria and Eva
Tim, in the backyard in Winona

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