Webster relaxation
Ron, Claudia and Sue in Webster
Jackie and Sue in Webster...Toto too
The Gilmore's at Disney World
Streaming video of footage from September 1970
Keith and the trailer he uses for his race cars, July 2004
Stephanie's car
August 2004
Norm, Martin, Elvin, Dave and Little Lee
Jerry's retirement party, November 2004
Congratulations Jerry!
Tim, Kevin and Keith
Jerry and Jackie in Webster, WI
Peter and Sarah Gilmore, Halloween 1948, the first photo of them as a married couple
Keith, January 1973
Keith's car, July 2004
Bernie, Elvin, Eva and Jason, July 2004
August 2004
It's better than a gold watch!
You better hope your friends don't find these photos  :)
Claudia, Dan and Ron, January 1980
On a tour of a US Navy Destroyer
Kevin and Keith, January 1973
Aleah, summer '95
Cole, at Grandma's, 2000
Jerry and Dad in Pottstown
Melody at the Hickory air show, 1992
Our trailer home which served us well in the early '70s
Melody and Dan
Dave Gilmore in Winona
Bryan and Tristan
Grandpa and Dave in Winona
Video link to our death defying journey to the Notch in the Badlands of South Dakota, summer '04
Jackie with Marge and Home Simpson gifts...shampoo and conditioner maybe?
Tristan's in the lead!
Haircut time
Tim, 1978
Melody...it's been a long day
Classic Tristan and Melody
Aleah, 5 years old, Erin, 1 year old
Cassidy, Christmas 2004
Cole, 2 years old
Cousins, 1992
Kelsey's 3rd birthday, August 1992
Kevin, April 1963
Jackie and Jerry celebrating their birthdays, January 2004
Sarah Gilmore, Christmas Eve, 2002
Generations...3 represented but spanning 4...Tristan and Melody with Great Grandma and Grandma Naomi
Lindsay and Stephanie, 1990
Bryan and Melody in Farmington
Lindsay and Stephanie in Winona
Dad and Tim, November 1962
Ron and Claudia, Easter Sunday, 2004
Dan and Brent Knutson, 1991
Aleah, performing an informal recital for a friendly crowd

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