Kelly and Lee, March 1973
The Lindemans, February 1963
Maria, March 1966
Norm and the kids, February 1968
Norm and the kids, February 1969
Terry and Kelly, April 1971
Aleah's Baptism
Tammy, neighbor Karen Campbell and Tammy's sister Theresa
Melody, April 28th, 1980...the day Tristan was born
Kelly turns 3! 1970
Norm and Lucky, June 1966
Maria and Norm's wedding, August 1960, Claudia and Jackie to the right
Summer 1969
Maria Durham, summer 1960
Terry and Lee, summer 1966
Mom meets Mopsy2, circa summer 1981
John and Wilma Harma
Kevin and Dad in Webster, circa 1973
Anna and Sue Rollinger...the women in Webster we purchased our land from
Terry and Lee, summer '67
Maria with Lee and somebody, September 1962
Martin and Sheri Ekonen, November 1971
1974 and Norm turns 39
Deborah Lindeman, summer 1961
Terry and Lee, 1966
Terry, Kelly and Bernie, February 1968
The corner store in Atlantic Mine just down the street from Grandma and Grandpa's, summer 2004
Kevin, Keith and Tim
Summer 1975 in Webster, Dwight, Claudia, Jackie, Keith and Liz
Lee and Terry, February '68
Maria and Lucky, March 1966
Claudia, Grandma, Jackie, Mom and Grandpa, August 1968
Norm, Maria and Kelly, June 1969
Lee, Terry, Bernie and Deborah, February 1969
Terry and Lee, May 1970
Norm Durham and his uncle
Dad...sort of giving the new outhouse a test run
Summer 1975 in Webster
Terry, Kelly and Lee, May 1970
Maria and Norm Durham, April 1971
Mom, in the kitchen, August 1971
Lucky and Pepper, 1967
May 1966
Terry, Lee and Kelly that Lee or Peewee?
Kelly, 1968
Mike Carbo, Keith and Tim in Webster
Mom, by the fire in Webster
Lee, Kelly and Terry, summer '67
Maria and Norm, August '71
Norm and George, June '69
Ralph Ekonen and Kelly Durham, November 1971
More fun with Photoshop...notice the Slowpoke suckers
Trash day, summer 1969
Norm Durham and his parents
Elvin and Tim, c 1986
Jerry and Bryan in Webster

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