Maria, Jackie, Bryan, Claudia and Dad at Agate Beach, July 1959
Jackie and Kevin with Patrick and Danny Gleason
Eva and Elvin
Kane Clements enters the world on September 2nd, 2005 at 6:41am
Tristan with his first bike
At Valley Fair with Rachel, Kevin and Kelsey
Rachel, Kevin and Kelsey on the swings at Valley Fair, May 2001
Dad and Bryan/Dave
Christmas 1963
Nick Ekonen, (Scott's son) September 1999, 8 years old
Brent Knutson, in California, 2003
Jackie and Kevin with Patrick and Danny Gleason and an unknown girl, July 1961
Kane Clements
Kane and Cassidy, September 2nd, 2005
Rachel with Toby and Allie, December 2003
Valley Fair, 1999
Bryan wrote...Attached is a scan of a postcard I sent Grandma after one of Dad's business trips. We eventually went to New Jersey as the card said.  I can't remembe for sure but I think it was Mom, Claudia and I that met up with Dad at the home of one of his executives.  I remember the party and the pig roast with the apple in the mouth of the pig.  I also remember playing Cootie with the kids there and Mr Potato Head.  Funny how you remember some things and forget about others.
Some of us swimming in the fridged breakwaters on Lake Superior
Keith, Tim and Kevin
Nick Ekonen
Keith, in his shop, December 2003
Dad, Elvin, Joe, Dave and Kevin
Elvin and Tim
Kane Clements and Great Grandma Sarah
Claudia, Jackie and Kevin
Keith, June 1962
Joe and Snickers, June 1988
Jason Lindeman, 2003
Dad, with his sister, Vi and her hustband Joe Dooling, January 1963
Toby and Allie, December 2003
Keith, in his shop as captured by Bryan/Dave
Keith, running some numbers
David Smith
Jackie and Jerry Bourdeaux, Christmas 1974 in New Hope, Mn
Claudia, Jackie and Kevin, Christmas 1962
Our last Christmas on Berwick
Dave and Snickers, June 1988
Emily (middle) and friend, Earl with Earl's friend's wife, September 2005
Cassidy, September 2005
Kelsey, being kept company in the hospital, 1993
Tim Gilmore, circa 1981
Tim, December 2003
Link to a song Tim played bass on in college in 1982
Christmas 1974, our last Christmas in Bloomington...Mom, Dad, Keith and Tim would move to Pottstown Pa the next week
Summer 1976
Erin, at Easter egg hunt
Dad and Bryan, 1950
August 27th, 1949, shortly before Bryan/Dave was due...taken at Lake Superior
Don (Tauno) Ekonen
In the parking lot of Highveiw Christian Church in Farmington
Tim Gilmore, December 2003
Bryan and Tim, December 2nd, 2003
Bryan/Dave, June 1980
Bryan/Dave, aboard his ship, the USS Orleck, DD886
George, Bob, Dave, Martin and Jan's son-in-law
Joe turns 12, June 1988
Joe, doing a nice job of covering up
Joe, being a groundhog
Merry Christmas 2003 from Scott and Melody Castle and Bryan/Dave and Sue Gilmore
Aleah's piano recital, 5th grade, 1988
Kelsey and Clayton at Kelsey's 13th birthday party, August 2002

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