Tammy meets Billy Blanks, July 2004
Sue and Dave Gilmore
Keith, Claudia and Jackie, January 1961
Claudia, Scott and Jackie, June 1961
Dad, in California with Pat and Art's kids
Keith and Tim at Tape Deck Rental, November 1985
Bernie, Keith, Jenny, Dave, Kevin, Lee and Claudia
Bryan, on our land in the U.P. with the farmhouse and blacksmith shop in the background
Sue, Christmas 1973 at their apartment on Fremont
Stephanie and Keith, December 1989
Mopsy1 in need of a haircut
Rachel, in our Orlando hotel being a midget rapper
Ouch...follow the 'Us' link at the bottom of the page and click on the Judge Judy link for all the details
Jackie, Claudia, Bryan, Keith and Kevin
Mom, with Maria, Lee and Terry, April 1963
Christmas morning...one of the few photos with Tweeter in the shot and she's covered
Kevin turns 11, August 25th 1968
Jackie, Tim and Keith...Jackie...I can't believe Mom let you wear that shirt!
Claudia, graduation, June 1971
Picnick at the Bourdeaux's
Mopsy2, Sparky and Aleah, summer 1981
Playing dress-up with Kelsey Maruska
Jerry Bourdeaux, 1966
Wilma and John Harma, Grandma and Grandpa
Christmas morning in Bloomington, c 1967
Keith and Lindsay, 1986
Strawberries on the farm, 1967
Autumn 1971
Ron and Sarah
Jerry behind the wheel taking Jackie and friend, Debbie and all the kids for a ride
First day of school, 2nd grade, 1999
Jackie, Claudia and Kevin, Halloween 1960
Rachel got a little excited about one of her birthday gifts
The gang on Berwick, July 1961
Kevin and his scooter on at our home on Berwick, 1961...I'm wearing my cool watch too although it's doubtful I could tell time
Sarah and Peter Gilmore
Eva Lindeman
Maria Durham and Jean Ekonen
A Christmas Story, played out at the Knutson's
Brent and Erin bringing gifts from afar for the new King
1st day of 2nd grade...Rachel, Kyle and Andy Froberg, Katrina and Kyle Nicholson, 1999
3-D photo of Tammy in the Badlands of South Dakota, 2003
3-D photo of Kevin at Savoy, in the Black Hills of South Dakota, 2003
3-D photo of Tammy in the Badlands
Playing with our new bumper pool table in the basement of our home on Berwick
Neighbor kids on Berwick, 1961
Ready for school, Keith, Tim and Kevin
Deborah and Bernie Lindeman, January 1968
Norm Durham
Bryan and Melody on Massey Harris tractor
Earl and Naomi Bartels
The cast from A Christmas Story, 1984, Melody, Dan, Brent, Aleah, Erin and Tristan
Helping to make a stained glass lamp
3-D photo of some flowers
3-D photo of Tammy in the Badlands
3-D photo of Mt Rushmore
Keith, Bernie and Tim
Jackie's 10th birthday on Lakeshore Dr in Richfield, 1965
Lee and Terry Durham
Kevin...is it that time already?   March 1970
Jackie, Jan and Claudia, circa October 1971
Martin and George Ekonen
Stephanie and Tim
Peter Gilmore, August 1963

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