Aleah and Pat's wedding, October 28th, 2000
Grandma/Mom/Sarah Gilmore...Aleah and Pat's wedding
Aleah and her sibling
Scott and Melody Castle, waiting for Erin and Clayton's wedding to begin
Cole Bourdeaux
Beginning the ceremony
Erin and Clayton, just married!
Erin and Clayton's flower girls and ring holder
Erin and her attendants
The Bourdeaux half
Mom and Kevin...Aleah and Pat's wedding
Some of Aleah's cousins at her wedding
Cole and Rachel
Erin and Clayton's wedding begins...
Erin Smith
Erin with Dad and Mom
Erin with her siblings
Rachel and Cole
Jerry...the blurriness just makes it look like he's scowling
Dan and Grandma...Aleah and Pat's wedding
Cole and Sue, waiting for the start of Erin and Clayton's wedding
Erin and proud pappa
Erin and Mom
Unity Candle
Erin and Clayton's wedding party
Erin and Clayton's rings
Clayton and his Groomsmen
Erin and Clayton with their new in-laws
Jackie, Jerry, Brent and Dan
Dad/Bryan/Dave, Scott and Melody, June 29th 2002
A pose with Grandma Sarah
Grandma Sarah Gilmore
Clayton and his groomsmen taking their preparations seriously
Clayton and his parents
Erin's side of the family strikes a pose
Erin and Clayton leaving the church
Erin and Clayton's reception, Jackie and Claudia
Now where is it?
Bryan, Scott and Melody, June 29th 2002
Melody Castle!
Bryan, Scott, Melody, Sue and Tristan
Sue and Dave Gilmore
Cassidy and Grandma Jackie at Melody and Scott's wedding
Bryan, Maria and Tim
The limo was it?  I've never done that :(
Erin and Clayton...arriving!
Norm and Ron
Erin and Clayton's reception
Melody and Scott's wedding party
Melody and Scott Castle, just married!  June 2002
Scott, their Pastor and Melody
Melody and Scott's wedding, the Gilmore family
Aleah and Erin help get the love-mobile ready
This is the place!
Claudia and Maria
Rachel, Mom, Tim, Kevin and Tammy
Jackie and Cassidy
Bryan/Dave and Rachel

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