Sue and Bryan's wedding announcement
Eva Lindeman, at Bryan and Sue's wedding rehearsal dinner
Amy, Sue and Claudia
Ron and Claudia's wedding...the waiting part
Kevin and Pastor's time!
Saying our vows, July 30th, 1999...oh, and the clock on the wall says 2:10pm
I'm giving Rachel a necklace as an expression of my love for her
A pose with Mom
Jerry, walking Aleah down the isle, 10-28-2000
I present to you, Sue and David Gilmore!
Sue and Bryan's wedding, with the parents
Cutting the cake
Jackie and Jerry (flower boy) at Ron and Claudia's wedding
Our wedding begins...
Deborah Lindeman singing at Kevin and Tammy's wedding
Posing with Tammy's parents, Morey and Elaine
Aleah and Pat Clements, just married!  10-28-2000
Bryan and Sue's wedding, Claudia
Bryan and Sue's wedding party
Bryan and Sue's reception, Sarah and Dave
Ron and Claudia, just married!
Honeymoon bound
Rachel presents a rose to each of our mothers
I may kiss my bride!!
A pose with Pastor James Lindberg
A new bride and a proud pappa
Jackie serves the punch at Bryan and Sue's reception
Bryan and Sue's wedding ride
Jackie and Jerry's wedding reception in the basement of our home in Bloomington, MN
Gathering at Jackie and Jerry's after Claudia and Ron's wedding
Ron and Claudia's wedding
New stepdad and stepdaughter, Kevin and Rachel
Tammy gives her new mother-in-law a hug
Posing with Kevin's mom, Sarah
After the wedding
Aleah and Pat's wedding
Maria Durham, Sarah Gilmore and Sue Gilmore, September 1974, Jackie and Jerry's reception
Jerry and Jackie, just married!
Jackie and Jerry's wedding, September 1974
Jerry, Gloria Barbour and Sue
Cutting the cake
Tammy's boquet being caught by Rachel
July 30th, 1999 in 101 degree heat
Pastor James Lindberg and us having fun with bubbles...Rachel is struggling to open another bottle
Just married!
Jackie (mom), Aleah and Grandma
Prepping Jackie and Jerry's wedding ride
You can never have enough silly string!
Jerry and Jackie's reception, opening gifts
Jerry and Jackie's wedding, September 1974
Ron and Claudia's wedding party, Jerry and Jackie
Just married!
Joni and Rob Swanson stood up for us
Happily married!
Dad/Jerry, Aleah and Brent
Cole and Rachel are tasked with creating a bubbly atmosphere at Aleah and Pat's wedding

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