Kelsey, as Pipi Longstocking, 3rd grade, '98
Kelsey Bourdeaux, 3 months
Melody, at Sugar Hills
Kevin, at the St. Paul ice castle, c '87
Eva Lindeman
December 1986
Article about Mom and Dad's shop
Erin and Jerry in Winona
Cole Bourdeaux, August 2000
Melody and Tristan
Streaming video of us on a dangerous trek through Bear Country USA in South Dakota, July '04
Bryan meets baby Cole with Kelsey, December 1992
Claudia, at Nankin Mills Elementary, 1958-59
Cassidy Clements, September 2002
Sue Bartells
Barbara Ekonen, January 1969
Dad, and Mom with Jackie, Claudia and Bryan with Martin in the background
The Knutson family
Kevin, Jackie and Scott, in the summer of 1959 taken in the front of our home on Berwick before our lawn was in
Ron, at home, September 2002
At the Dells
Christmas 1967 at our home in Bloomington, MN
Bryan, at the Oregon State Fair, August 2002
Breakfast on the road
Dad's I.D. badge from Burroughs Corporation
Keith and Tim, summer 1970
Keith and Lindsay, Halloween 1986
Stephanie and her dragster, July 2001
Christmas party with the Kelly kids, Kevin, Janet, Jackie, Tim, Bill and Keith, 1966
Tim, Bernie, Kevin, Keith and Shari in the sauna on our farm in the U.P., circa 1967
Melody's college graduation, June 2002
Jackie, 1974
Tristan gets a haircut from Barber Dave
Lindsay Gilmore, 2002
Mark Gilmore from CA visits, August 1987
Tristan Gilmore, at the Japanese Garden in Oregon, September 2002
Stephanie and Lindsay Gilmore, January 2002
Tim, fishing in Douglas, Ontario, c 1968
Jackie and Jerry Bourdeaux, 1976
A tearful visit with Santa
Art and Emily Schultheiss, December 1968
Jeff, Martin and Scott Ekonen, October 1984
Melody and Scott Castle
Kevin Gilmore, Twin Cities Marathon 1991, finishing 284th out of 6000 runner with a pr of 2:55
Erin and Clayton Smith, 1st anniversary, July 2004
Tim, Keith and Kevin in Douglas, Ontario, circa 1968
Tim, with the Kelly kids nextdoor in their sandbox
Kevin Gilmore, San Diego Marathon, 1989
Lindsay Gilmore
Brent and Dan Knutson
Melody and Tristan

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